“Meet The Press” David Gregory: Religion Shouldn’t Be More Than A Warm Fuzzy Feeling


Before my husband and I left for church yesterday, we happened to catch part of David Gregory’s interview of Rep. Michele Bachmann on “Meet The Press.” Read more here.



  • Jeremy

    I’m sorry Mr Gregory, but you’re no Tim Russert.

  • Jeremy

    With all due respect, Mr. Gregory, you’re no Tim Russert.

  • Vincent

    I’m so glad you blogged about this. I watched the interview too, and I wanted to see a transcript of this segment for the exact same reasons. Gregory explicitly gives voice to a common modern perception of religion as a detached kind of sentimentality that is tolerable only so long as it doesn’t really affect a person’s decision making or behavior in any serious way. It was the quintessential expression of religious compartmentalization. Perhaps the worst part is that Gregory seemed totally oblivious to the fact that the way he was defining “acceptable” faith is contrary to the fundamental principles of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (and probably a few others). I’m no Michele Bachmann fan (as an aside- my OTHER major reaction to the interview was, “How can someone who is obviously so intelligent be so uninformed about basic principles of economics? She seriously thinks that massive cuts to federal spending in the middle of a recession is going to improve the economy and increase the number of jobs?) but I’m glad she didn’t give the standard JFK “my faith won’t make any difference whatsoever” response. I was hoping though that she was going to call him out on the offensive presupposition that underlies the question.

    • Whitney

      Liberal atheist Al Gore is a self-styled “expert” on “global warming.” Liberal pseudo-Christian Hillary Clinton is an “expert” on foreign policy. Liberal atheist/Muslim Barack Obama is a self-styled “expert” on the economy. You may notice a trend here: no Christian God, no real experience and no real results. Michelle may not be able to spout facts and figures like an academic elitist, but it is clear that she has FAITH, and that is what matters. She puts her trust in God who will guide her to the right decisions. I will pray for you as you are putting your faith in man by relying on others’ worldly experience (and liberal-biased education). When it comes to decision making, who has more experience than Our Lord?

      • Laura

        Knowing introductory macroeconomics is not “putting your faith in man”, is using the brain God gave you. And please, Obama isn’t muslim…

      • Francis

        Wow – disagree with them, fine. But how do you rationalize just making up lies about people, Whitney? That seems very un-Christian.

    • JohnE

      I agree that cutting spending won’t do anything in itself to help the economy. It has to be accompanied by tax cuts to put the money back into the hands of those who earned it in the first place, and those who provided the jobs so they could earn it. I trust them to help the economy more than politicians.



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