13 Things About Your Yard That Say You’re Catholic


1.   The statue of Mary.  Required by canon law.

mary statue


















2.  Toys…lots of toys…new toys, old toys, big toys, little toys, inside toys, outside toys, broken toys, and…seriously, where did all these toys come from?













3.   The St. Francis bird bath – a classic.  Do they use Dove shampoo?  Just asking.

St. Francis














4.  The Saint Lawrence decal on your grill.  Because, well, you know.













5.   The patch of bare dirt where you buried St. Joseph.  Upside down, just like the housing market.














6.   “20 + C + M + B + 13″ written above the door of the kids’ playhouse.
















7.   The outdoor Nativity scene.  Aaaaand stop!  Don’t you dare think about Christmas again until December!














8.   The lawn that looks just a little shaggier than your neighbor’s, because between one kid’s play practice, another kid’s swimming lesson, another kid’s soccer practice, another kid’s ballet lesson, and another kid’s doctor appointment…ain’t nobody got time for that.

long grass















9.   The Pope Innocent III action figure in the sandbox.  Defending the Church against heretics, barbarians, and Skeletor.

Innocent III action figure














10.   Two dogs named Sixtus and Cornelius.















11.  Saint trading cards scattered across the lawn.  The St. Stephen rookie card is priceless.

trading card

















12.   Sidewalk chalk written on the driveway: “Jimmy is consubstantial with a fat head jerk face.”















13.   And of course…KIDS!!!

















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  • BobbyD

    How about a picture of St. Michael on the front door?
    Or, a Miraculous medal buried at each of the four corners of your property?

  • Michele Clark

    Love…love this…and yes, burying St. Joseph is a no-no…prayer is the best remedy!!!
    Love from Rosebud…<3

  • Michelle

    I don’t feel a “warm & fuzzy” about these remarks. Who is John White?

  • Jason Roebuck

    Not a two dog person, but I think you nailed all the rest…I don’t think I would ever feel comfortable burying a Saint Joseph statue, but I am a convert, what do I know?

  • JediGraz

    I think the burying of St. Joseph is actually a no-no.

  • MommaT

    We set out our lit Creche scene Thanksgiving weekend because all our 8 children are home, and to remind our neighborhood of what we are going to celebrate in the midst of the shopping rush. We put extra lights around Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. More folks have stopped us to thank us than I can tell you. I am grateful.



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