Gathering Signatures to Protect Marriage in Maryland!

This past weekend at the parish I attend in Maryland, we gathered signatures to protect the definition of marriage. Although our parish population is small, we gathered nearly 200 signatures (with more still coming in)! I want to especially thank the two ladies in the parish who organized the volunteers.

These signatures seek to put on this November’s ballot the issue of whether marriage should continue to be defined as one man and one woman, or whether the Maryland legislature’s recent and radical redefinition of marriage should be confirmed.

All three Maryland Catholic dioceses are working hard to gather signatures. They have joined an even broader coalition of Maryland citizens across the religious and political spectrum, the Maryland Marriage Alliance, to gather signatures protecting the definition of marriage in Maryland.

Several media outlets that oppose the man-woman definition of marriage are breathlessly reporting the fact that Protestants, African-Americans and Mormons are working to gather signatures, too. But it’s no secret: many non-Catholic churches are listed as hosting petition-drive training on this Maryland Marriage Alliance webpage.

If you are registered to vote in Maryland and have not yet signed this petition, go to the Maryland Marriage Alliance and click “Get Petition” or “Get Your Petition.” (To make sure your signature counts, don’t use other websites whose source you aren’t sure about.) We need tens of thousands of signatures in just a few weeks, with the target being over 150,000.

You should also ask the Maryland Marriage Alliance about being trained to gather petitions in your parish or neighborhood.

With your help we can and will protect marriage in Maryland, just like we have protected it in every state where the people have been allowed to vote on this question!

Special thanks go to Cardinal Wuerl and all the Maryland Catholic bishops for promoting this effort.





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