300-Year-Old Statue of Jesus Has Real Human Teeth



This is…interesting.

A statute dating from the 17th or 18 century in a small town in Mexico was found to have real human teeth after x-rays were performed during a restoration project.

The statue, called the “Christ of Patience,” depicts a seated Jesus in the midst of his Passion, as he awaits his condemnation and death.

It isn’t uncommon in Mexico for crucifixes or statues of Christ and the saints to have real human hair, and while animal teeth are known to have been used in Mexican statues before, the full set of real human chompers found in this case surprised even the experts.

See more images of the statue here.

So, can we expect an infallible pronouncement from Pope Francis on the authenticity of the statue’s teeth?

After all, it is a matter of faith and molars.


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