Updated: *191* Bishops (100% of Dioceses) Have Spoken Out Against Obama/HHS Mandate

In the past I’ve compiled a list of all the bishops speaking out on a particular controversial issue (for instance, over Notre Dame’s invitation to President Obama) — here are the bishops who have spoken out against the Obama/HHS mandate.

[See my ongoing coverage of Obama/HHS’s war against religious liberty herehere, here and most recently here. I’m also tweeting more updates @AmericanPapist.]

If I have missed anyone please let me know in the comments! And please double-check that your bishop really is not there before posting.

Items in bold mean the statement was read at all diocesan Masses or included in all parish bulletins on Sunday.

Thank you to AmP reader Matthew for helping me group these bishops by province!

Province of Anchorage:

Province of Atlanta:

Province of Baltimore:

Province of Boston:

Province of Chicago:

Province of Cincinnati:

Province of Denver:

Province of Detroit:

Province of Dubuque:

Province of Galveston-Houston:

Province of Hartford:

Province of Indianapolis:

Province of Kansas City:

Province of Los Angeles:

Province of Louisville:

Province of Miami:

Province of Milwaukee:

Province of Mobile:

Province of New Orleans:

Province of New York:

Province of Newark:

Province of Oklahoma City:

Province of Omaha:

Province of Philadelphia:

Province of Portland:

Province of Saint Louis:

Province of Saint Paul and Minneapolis:

Province of San Antonio:

Province of San Francisco:

Province of Santa Fe:

Province of Seattle:

Province of Washington:

Archeparchy of Philadelphia (Ukranian)

Metropolita of Pittsburgh (Ruthenian):

Immediately Subject to the Holy See (Sui Iuris):

SPECIAL MENTION: “The Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in North America just issued a formal statement of protest against the HHS mandate in which the Assembly, representing all 53 Orthodox bishops in North America, references their complete agreement with the statements of the USCCB.”

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me build and correct this list.

NOTE: If you would like a statement by an Eastern Rite bishop to be included please send me the link/document or post it in the comments! Thank you. I’m trying to provide documentation for all the bishops listed and Eastern Rite bishops have been harder for me to track down. Thank you for understanding!

100% of bishops who head dioceses have spoken out against the Obama/HHS mandate.

Here is a word cloud of the bishops statements created by @prolixpatriot:

And here is one created by Fr. Z of WDTPRS:



827 thoughts on “Updated: *191* Bishops (100% of Dioceses) Have Spoken Out Against Obama/HHS Mandate

  1. Chris says:

    In the disosece of San Bernardino, Bishop Barnes has directed all parishes, via a letter read to all the parishioners, that all catholic should immediately sign up for the new Obama Health Care. Bishop Barnes says it’s the law and even know it mandates contraceptives, abortion and The morning after pill, Catholics should be happy to just have health coverage. This is a huge change to what Bishop Barnes said earlier. What a shame and a sham

    Frustrated in San Bernardino county


    1. Joshua Mercer says:

      I agree. That is deeply frustrating.

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