400 condoms for 400 crosses.

I hope they don't have a sign with the converse of this in the beer and wine section.

Bad: An art student at Western Kentucky University got credit in her art class for putting condoms on 400 crosses.

Even worse: The crosses were put in place as a pro-life demonstration.

I do have one big takeaway from this, but I’m gonna make you wait for that one.

Slight back-story: The pro-life students sought and received permission from the administration of WKU to place the display on school grounds. They even had set up amongst themselves a schedule of 24-hour surveillance lest some not-pro-life students sought to vandalize the display.

Enter “art.” A student was caught by the sentinels placing condoms on all of the crosses. When approached she claimed that she got permission from her art professor to do this. Not the administration, her *art* professor.

The campus police refused to intervene, claiming that putting a condom on a cross isn’t vandalism, and the art student was protected by the First Amendment. Right.

Anyhow, since the absurdity and offensiveness of this episode is self-evident to anyone with sense I’ll dispense with explaining that part.

But the big takeaway: this is either a very wealthy and opportunistic college student who is able to acquire 400 condoms, or it was merely a Fluke that she could get them at the drop of a hat.


(For the record, the University is investigating the actions of the campus police. Hopefully justice is served and all offending and offensive parties are properly reprimanded. Except, of course, the “art” professor, who likely has tenure, which means death itself has to ask permission to remove such a one from his/her position.)



6 thoughts on “400 condoms for 400 crosses.

  1. konachbs says:

    Tom, just wondering, do you go to WKU? If so you would know that the group that did the 4000 crosses are not a Christian based group. So to have crosses to represent unborn fetuses deaths is a little extensive. Also since more than likely you did not partake in the actual sight of the installation, It is on public property on campus. Even if someone has the authority from the administration, The US Amendments trump a schools say in anything. PLUS, if they really cared so much about the crosses representing the unborn babies, I am sure they would of used something beside popsicle sticks and ducktape to make them. (which actually wasn’t a total of 4000, they got to 3600 and then stopped because they were tired of putting them up, so they left them in a box on the ground) If you have not see the videos the student that put the condoms on the crosses was willing to take down the condoms immediately after. A documentation was just needed. The person also had an artist statement trying to say what she was representing in the piece. If you have been reading articles and videos you would have noticed that they have strayed away from what they were trying to say which is X-amount of fetuses are killed in this amount of time. They have been more concerned about the crosses. And my last input is, they never mentioned that the Hilltoppers for Life were camping out next to the installation all week just because they were thinking someone would do something. Now since this has happened, Hilltoppers for Life has asked for the police officers that came to scene to be fired for not doing anything, the professor to be fired and other punishments be done to the student. Other schools have done the same thing with the crosses and people have crushed and broken the crosses. Instead of that, this artist was just saying you could prevent this from happening. The artist was very polite during the whole thing and I stand by the artist 110%.

    Thank you and have a good day.

    1. Erk says:

      If you deem that to be art, I deem you to be an uncultured and unintelligent individual.

      1. Tom Crowe says:

        Or willfully deviant.

  2. Marsha says:

    I hope she didn’t use a stapler to attach the condoms. OOPS!

  3. H. Hobbit says:

    Actually, the article said it was 4,000!

    1. Tom Crowe says:

      Thanks! Musta missed a 0 when reading it quickly and then writing the post a little later.

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