Divine Mercy Is Our Only Hope

Today is Day 1 of the Divine Mercy novena, and it comes not a moment too soon.

As Billy Graham put it (actually, it was his wife): “If God doesn’t punish America, he’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

A lot of Americans feel that way right now.

Legalization of same-sex marriage, in one fell swoop, will not just include more people in the category of “married.” It will legally declare adherents of the four major religions to be bigots because of their beliefs about marriage. Homosexual marriage means aggressive secularism will have the law of the land firmly on its side as it takes on believing Jews, devout Muslims, Hindu families, and mainstream Christians including Catholic men, women and children.

Hope can seem hard to find faced with such a development.

But for Catholics, hope should never be hard to find: It is the cross. The cross is hope for us because it shows the two aspects of God: His justice and his mercy.

Mercy WideWith the cross, God says that the great sins of the world need to be expiated. The murders, rapes, betrayals and blasphemies of mankind cannot be shrugged off: They must be punished. Severely. But then the cross shows God’s mercy because he chooses to suffer the punishment on our behalf.

As Pope Benedict put it: “[T]he anger and mercy of the Lord alternate in a dramatic sequence, but love triumphs in the end, for God is love.”

This means we can have always have hope – but we can never have an easy, happy hope. Opponents in the culture and in the courts are not going to go away. A happy-talking politician who promises economic comfort is not going to return us to a Christian culture. We are not going to find the silver-bullet movement or issue that will restore the balance.

Our only hope is one that is founded in God’s actions, not ours.

We only have hope because Jesus is a savior.

We forget what a savior is sometimes. A savior isn’t someone who stands above the world’s dark ways and demands that we crawl out to him. A savior is someone who brings light into our dark world and leads us out.

A savior isn’t someone who disdains the mess we have gotten in and demands we clean up our act or suffer his wrath. A savior enters the mess and himself cleans it up.

Our savior does just that today. He encounters us in his mercy and transforms the world.

“Jesus Christ is divine mercy in person: Encountering Christ means encountering the mercy of God,” said Pope Benedict. “The mercy of Christ is not a cheap grace; it does not presume a trivialization of evil. Christ carries in his body and on his soul all the weight of evil, and all its destructive force. He burns and transforms evil through suffering, in the fire of his suffering love.”

Our society has made a mess of things in many ways. Our time is marked by the sexual revolution, aggressive secularism, and the violence of abortion. We are each among the people implicated in it. It is a false hope to think we can work ourselves out of the darkness we are in. That just isn’t possible. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we are not the saviors of our world anyway. To reverse a recent political slogan: We are not the ones we have been waiting for.

Jesus Christ is our savior. And Jesus is merciful — and not just merciful; he’s anxious to take the first steps to save us.

All our hope lies with him. All we have to do is beg for mercy and follow him through the darkness and out the other side.

I have no idea how he will save his people. But I know he will.

We can start by following the last three popes’ urgent calls and pray for Divine Mercy.


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  • Elly Kins

    I had a coworker get so upset at work because I showed her a sonogram of my own child. She had gotten an abortion unknown to me. I felt so sorry for her. Abortion has many more victims than just the child. She was very angrily defending her right to have that procedure. I suppose it made the pain less for her. Once women realize they killed their baby it has to be devastating. Have you ever noticed how angry and verbally abusive pro-abortion proponents are? I’ve noticed anti-abortion people seem to calmly state biological facts in reply. Jesus has their backs, that’s why. Pray for abortionists, the women and babies that are their victims, and our legislators and Supreme Court justices, that their eyes may be opened to the truth. The Devil has clouded their thinking. After all, he is the father of lies.

  • Anthony Charles

    Oh Mercy divine, who can Praise, adore and extole thee worthyly….

  • Rich Ketter

    Until the day that this website prints the truth about these phony “Catholic” writers, there is no hope for the followers who have lost sight of the Jesus who death and resurrection WE (the whole church – not just this schimatic sect) celebrates.
    I wonder if Mr Hoopes even realizes that Mrs Graham is not a true spokesperson for God.
    Mr. Hoopes can continue to spread his hatred here while complaining about the rest of the world, but he does not understand Catholicism, nor the depth of God’s love manifest in Christ Jesus.
    Sadly, as the other comments notes, the readers here have lost hope – which is probably what this Website is for – the lost of hope, as well at charity and faith. Truth was lost the day this website started.

    • Tom Hoopes

      Ok … I’ll bite. What offended you in what I wrote?

      • Len

        The simple fact is that the Supreme Court is going to leave decisions regarding homosexual marriage to the States to decide. Period. Another simple fact is that abortion is never going to be banned in this country. Period. In fact, it’s going to be allowed in more and more countries as time goes by, as more and more countries begin to understand the true nature of human rights. You can continue to suffer over this fact, believing, I guess, that suffering makes things change, or you can move forward and live your life according to your own personal beliefs. Jesus isn’t going to jump in and give you what you want simply because you have personally chosen to suffer. It doesn’t work that way.

    • Anthony Charles

      But honestly Mr. Rich, what has really offended you?? Let me remind you of the cheif Priest during the time Our Lord suffered, Caiaphas. Although he wasn’t the saint of the day, It was only He on whom God had bestowed the authority and sprit to proclaim the final turn of Gods saving Plan for humanity. And yes even if he did not act in his sense and knowledge to the glory of God- then the suffering Christ, his proclamation that “You don’t realize that it is better for you to have one man die for the people than to have the whole nation destroyed.”(Jn 11:50) was to become for us the sole channel of salvation.
      If for any reason you disagree with the intentions or most of the material on this website, like we could all have done with Caiaphas in the day, you must remember that, “The wind blows wherever it pleases…(John 3:8), Do not dispise or reject the truth simply because it comes to from a source you disagree with on some matters. that would tarntamount to abuse of the Holy Sprit that has inspired this work, like it so did if you wish to allude, Caiaphas. Do you mean that the message and the nature of Christ are subject to that who proclaims them? If so, then I dare say none of us would be worthy of the noblest mission -the spreading of Christ Good News.
      Take it or leave it, God is and works in everything and every situation but only the humble in heart can see and hear him.

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  • John Fiarkoski

    Until the day comes when all believers in the almighty are willing to rise up against the evil of abortion and gay marriage than I see little hope for this country.
    Every believer in God must be willing to be sacrifice themselves for their believe in God!



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