*62 Hours* Until a Christian Business Owner Risks $1.4 Million a DAY to Follow His Conscience

How much is your conscience worth to you?

For the owners of Hobby Lobby, it is worth risking $1,400,000 in fines A DAY for refusing to follow the HHS mandate to pay for the so-called morning-after (abortifacient) pill.

This is about to happen in 62 short hours, because January 1st is when the HHS mandate takes legal effect for small business owners across the country, and because Obama-appointed Justice Sotomayor denied the company’s request for immediate relief from the mandate.

Hobby Lobby can, however, still appeal their case to the 10th Circuit (which they said they will do), and the Supreme Court still may choose to get involved later down the road after the 10th Circuit has reached a decision for or against them, but in the meantime … and do let this sink in … Justice Sotomayor, and the Obama administration, are happy to make Hobby Lobby face absolutely crippling fines and penalties simply because they refuse to pay for the so-called morning-after abortifacient pill.

That’s the price of religious liberty in America today.

All is not lost quite yet, however — other plaintiffs suing the Obama administration over the HHS mandate are faring somewhat better in the courts and you can still help pitch in to support CV Education Fund’s emergency appeal before the 6th Circuit to secure relief from the mandate.

Please continue to pray for legal relief from the onerous HHS mandate. Some of our brave fellow Americans are willing to put their livelihood in jeopardy to follow their conscience. Are we doing everything we can to stand with them?

Meanwhile, I invite you to read Archbishop Chaput’s short reflection on the life and witness of St. Thomas More — a man who understood the importance of following an informed conscience — to learn what St. Thomas can teach us today.



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  • http://www.facebook.com/gilmichelini Gil Michelini

    Thanks for this article.
    I this on Facebook and some fundamentalist were upset because Hobby Lobby does not mention Jesus in their advertising therefore they cannot be a Christian country and therefore the owner is just trying to make the president look bad.

    • abadilla

      Of course, those fundamentalists do not understand Hobbly Lobby does not have to make Obama look bad, he is doing a pretty good job at that himself. King Obama.

      • Russell Lewis

        Actually, as the winner of the last election… he’s looking pretty good, to the majority of voters.

        • abadilla

          Three points: 1. The majority of voters is not even 60% of the nation. 2. Almost half the country continues to oppose him. 3. As this country goes downhill economically, those who voted for him will realize what a huge mistake they made by voting for him and I will gladly point that out by saying, “How is he working for you now that taxes are hitting everyone, not just the 1%?”

          • Russell Lewis

            Sounds like Republican math… over 50%, no matter how much you disagree is a majority. Almost half the country can oppose all they want, it is still the losing half. When the country hits rock bottom, as you seem to think it will, I will be the first person you should contact and I will admit I was wrong. As far as taxes, I’m proud to pay my fair share for the common good, apparently you are not.
            There is always 2016… good luck then.



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