*62 Hours* Until a Christian Business Owner Risks $1.4 Million a DAY to Follow His Conscience

How much is your conscience worth to you?

For the owners of Hobby Lobby, it is worth risking $1,400,000 in fines A DAY for refusing to follow the HHS mandate to pay for the so-called morning-after (abortifacient) pill.

This is about to happen in 62 short hours, because January 1st is when the HHS mandate takes legal effect for small business owners across the country, and because Obama-appointed Justice Sotomayor denied the company’s request for immediate relief from the mandate.

Hobby Lobby can, however, still appeal their case to the 10th Circuit (which they said they will do), and the Supreme Court still may choose to get involved later down the road after the 10th Circuit has reached a decision for or against them, but in the meantime … and do let this sink in … Justice Sotomayor, and the Obama administration, are happy to make Hobby Lobby face absolutely crippling fines and penalties simply because they refuse to pay for the so-called morning-after abortifacient pill.

That’s the price of religious liberty in America today.

All is not lost quite yet, however — other plaintiffs suing the Obama administration over the HHS mandate are faring somewhat better in the courts and you can still help pitch in to support CV Education Fund’s emergency appeal before the 6th Circuit to secure relief from the mandate.

Please continue to pray for legal relief from the onerous HHS mandate. Some of our brave fellow Americans are willing to put their livelihood in jeopardy to follow their conscience. Are we doing everything we can to stand with them?

Meanwhile, I invite you to read Archbishop Chaput’s short reflection on the life and witness of St. Thomas More — a man who understood the importance of following an informed conscience — to learn what St. Thomas can teach us today.



  • adrageli

    Sad to waste so much money and energy on a misguided belief that is not supported by medical science. Plan B is not an abortifacient.http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/06/health/research/morning-after-pills-dont-block-implantation-science-suggests.html?_r=0

    • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

      J.M.J. According to the article that you cited, Adrageli, Plan B may not be an abortifacient. You state that it “is not an abortifacient.” It seems that the evidence is inconclusive; however, at the very least it is a contraceptive. (I still think, given puiblished evidence to the contrary, that it can work as an abortifacient.) Those who oppose contraception should not be required to violate their consciences and submit to this evil.

      • adrageli

        By that logic, Msgr., those who oppose unjust war (as in, the entire Catholic Church, supposedly) and support Catholic Social Teaching on poverty (again, supposedly all faithful Catholics) should not be required to violate their consciences by paying taxes to support such wars or budget plans that harm poor families, yet somehow those EVILS are completely ignored in favor of single-issue politics. Then there’s the matter of material v. formal cooperation: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/on-faith/bishops-contraception-objections-fail-their-churchs-own-moral-reasoning/2012/02/14/gIQA3en3DR_story.html

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kip-Taylor/100002343404784 Kip Taylor

          Taxes are fungible: the general fund is only incidentally related to the various uses to which it is put, some of which are moral, others not. The HHS mandate requires self-insuring employers to pay for immoral services directly. If the government tried to force individuals and business to directly fund unjust wars, I’d resist that, too. As it is, the best way to oppose funding unjust wars is to elect politicians who will use tax money responsibly.

        • enness

          I partly agree (I also agree with Kip Taylor), you should not have to — but first, have you contacted your representatives? That is what they are there for. Civil disobedience is, in my mind, a last resort. Are you willing to be annoying? I know a guy who protests regularly in regard to US military acts. He did it during the 2nd Bush term and continued during the 1st Obama term, and as far as I know, still does. I have a lot of respect for someone that consistent.

        • abadilla

          And you trust “The Washington Post,” another bastion of truth and fair reporting?

    • abadilla

      And you “trust “The New York Times” to tell you the truth?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Jim.Farley James W Farley

    A sad day for Christianity and an equally sad day for Religious Freedom. We can not stand still and let this happen. The President or the US Supreme Court has no legal basis for interfering with our Constitutional rights. Stand up and be counted. SAY NO TO THIS OPPRESSION, GOD forgive them for they know not what they do!

  • http://twitter.com/MNacho Matthew Nachazel

    My heart weeps that – in the name of political correctness – companies are forced to provide services that kill the unborn.

  • http://22Catholic.com/ Matthew P. Schneider, LC

    In Rome the Nazis came and asked for 1000 kg of gold from the jews or a thousand prisoners for the concetration camps. The Roman Jews didn’t have 1000 kg but all the Romans together did.
    January 1st and 2nd should be called Hobby Lobby days where we all go and buy something even if we won’t use it – $1,400,000 in extra business would help them out.

    • abadilla

      Did you not read the news in its entirety? The government will fine them $1,400,000 a DAY, so, we would all have to spend that amount of money every day so they can give it to the government for nothing.
      No, either they win through the courts, or they shut down and thousands of people will be out of work including the ones that voted for Obama because they were either ignorant of the HH Mandate or they never thought it would affect them, and then Hobby Lobby can say to Obama, “Well, how are these fines working for you now?” “Are you going to give employment to all these people now?”
      Watch and see, the same will happen to the Little Sisters of the Poor and they will have to leave the U.S.

      • http://22Catholic.com/ Matthew P. Schneider, LC

        I agree that it would be difficult to give them $1.4 million a day in extra business for too long. My point is that we need to stand with them. It is like when Chik-fil-A got banned from Chicago for its stand on Gay marriage and got lots of extra business from people like us.
        This is the most we can do right now other than praying and I think it says more that a form letter to your congressman (not that that shouldn’t be done) because it costs you money not just 90 seconds.

        • abadilla

          Matthew, thank you for your reply.Have no doubt I support Hobby Lobby 100% even though I can’t contribute anything to them because I have never seen one in California.



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