5 takeaways from the Republican National Convention

Clint Eastwood at the GOP Convention

For a convention that might be remembered more for an 82-year-old man’s decision to talk to an empty chair, the 2012 Republican National Convention (RNC) did a pretty good job of humanizing Mitt Romney. While most pundits have focused on the merits of Governor Romney’s speech, there are at least five other important takeaways from this year’s RNC.

The first is that the liberal media bias is real. Some people deny that the media even has a bias. But thanks to the efforts of watchdog journalists, it’s undeniable that a majority of supposedly objective news outlets hold anti-conservative views, and that those biases bleed into their reporting. It’s not always obvious when a reporter is being biased, but you can usually tell what someone’s political views are by paying attention to the stories they focus on, the language they use to frame those stories, where they get their facts from, and who they decide to interview. That being said, the coverage of the RNC by the mainstream media was atrocious. Networks like MSNBC, ABC and NBC bent over backwards in order to paint the Republican Party as an anti-minority,backwards-lookingbigoted group of rich, white people who think the president was born in Kenya. Oh, and did I mention that only Fox News aired Cardinal Dolan’s closing prayer?

The sad part is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Republican Party is an increasingly diverse party. To be sure, it is not as ethnically diverse as the Democratic Party, but even NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd admits that “Democrats wish they had the diversity of speakers” the Republicans had at their convention. He is referring not only to Hispanics like New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno, and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, but to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley – an Indian American – and Condoleezza Rice, whose speech has been widely recognized as one of the convention’s best.

Maybe that’s why the far left in coming unhinged. In case you were looking for comedic relief after watching Mitt Romney’s speech, MSNBC had on a hilarious segment that featured a panel of mostly white men complaining about the racist undertones of the convention itself. At one point, contributor Chris Matthews suggested that Mitt Romney’s speech was “very dark, very jingoistic, [and] very anti-scientific.” But that’s nothing compared to what happened earlier in the week. On Wednesday, August 29th, Lawrence O’Donnell – a self described socialist – told fellow MSNBC-er Martin Bashir that Republicans who mock President Obama’s golf game are really using a “racial double entendre” in an effort to “align [the president and his lifestyle] to [the lifestyle of] Tiger Woods.” Yeah, that’s what Republicans were trying to do.

On a more serious note, one would be hard pressed not to notice the amount of time convention speakers dedicated to courting the women vote. The Romney team is clearly concerned about the gender gap, and they did their best to convince women that a Romney presidency would be a good thing for them. Ann Romney delivered a great speech aimed at doing just that, but so did Governor Romney. He made sure to highlight the fact that he was supportive of his mother’s run for the U.S. Senate in 1970 and that when he was Governor of Massachusetts his Lieutenant Governor and Chief-of-Staff were women.

The future is bright for the Republican Party. Twitter was ablaze when Marco Rubio was introducing Governor Romney. His speech was forward-looking, inspired and, in many ways, presidential. Rubio, along with Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan give the Republican Party a very bright future. They are all fairly young, can appeal to voters from various ethnic and ideological backgrounds, can defend their views in an articulate way, and can give a great speech. This isn’t to say that those who aren’t good at reading off a teleprompter won’t have an important role to play in future conventions, but if this year’s RNC proved anything, you can be sure they won’t be given the freedom to ad-lib a speech during prime time. No matter how lucky they might be feeling.



  • MLsouth

    I loved the convention. I left inspired by these great men and women and hope to see them in the White House in 2012. Mr Obama had his four years, now it’s time to go. R&R for the WIN!!

  • Heather

    It was an exciting convention. Great speeches, a lot of focus on what is the true focus of a just society- the children. The media may be biased, but hopefully those children of the Republican hopefuls will be learning well.

    • Antonio A. Badilla

      I saw it the way you do, but the Dems ae already on the attack describing it as something that is fit for two hundred years ago, not for today. It’s unbelievable. That’s their new mantra.



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