Ohio moves to protect 700 babies per year.

Let’s pray this passes.

A bill introduced in the Ohio legislature would ban late-term abortions and it has the support of Ohio Right to Life, though the pro-life group would like changes to it.

Rep. Lorraine Fende of Willowick, a Democrat, is behind the measure, House Bill 7, that would ban abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy or past 20 weeks if the unborn child is determined “viable.” The measure also contains language making it clear a mental health exception can’t be used to get around the ban — especially since a substantial amount of research shows abortions pose mental health risks for women.

Flag of the State of OhioThe change ORTL wants is to make it start at 20 weeks, no evaluations of “viability” in question at all.

According to ORTL, abortionists like Martin Gaskell, who does many late-term abortions in the Cincinatti area, perform about 700 such procedures each year.

This really ought to be a slam dunk, especially considering the grisly discovery in Philadelphia. Let’s pray it is.



  • Norb

    I agree to all your good thinking .Have our prayers for help.



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