8 year-old Afghan girl tricked into carrying bomb

This headline should tell us all we need to know about the kind of people our brave troops are fighting in Afghanistan. Sadly this child’s fate is not an aberration. The abuse and humiliation of women and children is all too common in this culture. It is a barbarism that is difficult for us to comprehend. Were it not for pictures and videos we might not even believe it.

Aisha received a prosthetic nose in October 2010

Who can ever forget the haunting picture of the beautiful young Aisha who the Taliban ordered her nose and ears cut off for trying to flee her abusive husband? Or the heartbreaking stories of girls who have had acid thrown in their face on their way to school? And the countless victims of sexual assault who suffer quietly lest they be blamed and stoned instead.

Here is a video of Taliban abuse of women and children (warning some images difficult to watch): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpo6tQF3uE4

Though I personally have misgivings about the scope of our involvement in Afghanistan, I continue to pray and hope that good will come of it – especially for the women and girls living under the Taliban’s cruel and misogynistic rule.

As Christians and Catholics we can take solace in knowing that by now, this innocent little child is finally safe in the arms of our Lord and his loving Mother. May the plight of the children and women of Afghanistan always remain in our prayers.



  • http://www.facebook.com/shajril.syed Syed Shajril

    In Asia people throw acid in many people’s faces. Taliban or not. Hindus even do it. In Muslim countries these kind of people get arrested. How do you know it was even Taliban It could have been any random guy & his own people. Your troops need to leave the face of Asia. That is what is causing more violence. Your people make it worse by their so called “recreation.”

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  • Lucy

    Rachel Campos-Duffy, thank-you for the reminder. The world still has a long way to go before women are treated as equals.

    • Bruce

      Are men and women the same, Lucy?

      • Lucy

        Bruce, thank-you for being consistent.

        • Bruce

          Lucy, are men and women the same?

  • Pamela

    This is nothing more than a smear piece against an entire group of people. There is no reason to call them all names like “barbarians”. There are many peaceful, loving people living in afghanistan. I’m embarrassed this so called “Catholic” site printed such an article.

    • Panda Rosa

      Tragically, it only takes a few evil people to undo the good of many. Of course there are many kind souls in Afghanistan, no doubt more than a few Muslims; but too often such decent souls are shouted down by the radicals.
      It’s like letting the Operation Rescue Bombers be the only spokesmen against abortion.

    • Janet Baker

      Pamela, where are these “peaceful, loving people”? Are they denouncing the atrocities committed by their barbaric fellow countrymen? If they aren’t speaking out, even if only because of cowardice, they are part of the problem.

      • Pamela

        Where are all the peaceful, loving people denouncing the violence in the “christian” towns and cities in America? 2,000 people were murdered in California last year, most of them by Christians. Why aren’t there articles calling those people barbarians? This article is simple prejudice against a group of people. It’s not based on facts.

        • Bruce

          And where are your facts? I would like to see the police reports describing the 2000 murders committed by Christians. That would be pretty interesting, and the first time anyone outside of Pam’s head had heard of such a thing. In the meantime, while you’re gathering those facts, keep in mind the 200 million slaughtered by atheistic political regimes in the 20th century.

        • Lucy

          Pamela, you make great points but I think perhaps you read more in Rachel Campos-Duffy’s post than was actually there. The Taliban treats people as animals and I’d like to think that’s one of the main reasons our troops are there. There is nothing in her post, in my opinion, that suggests that all the people in Afganistan are barbarians.

      • Charles Cooper

        Janet, it’s easy to call people cowards from behind your computer screen thousands of miles away. Have you watched your friends and family being maimed and murdered in front of your eyes? Do you live in a society where only the strong and connected have access to weapons? If anyone is a coward, it’s those who are afraid to venture into these areas and try to help, but yet judge the victims from a safe place far away.

    • Joe M

      Pamela. You seem to have missed significant distinctions made in this article. A) No group of people were called barbarians. The acts of humiliating women and abusing children were called barbarism. Do you not agree that humiliating women and abusing children are examples of barbarism? B) The author identifies the Taliban. Not all people in Afghanistan. Do you not agree that the Taliban, as an organization, is responsible for atrocities? Is the policy of banning soccer games and using the fields for beheadings not newsworthy? What do you think the Taliban punishment is for homosexuality?

  • tz1

    And of all the similar women and children killed when one of our bombers or predator drones destroys an entire village?

    Yes, there are evil people there, but how many women and children per-capita have the Taliban killed? How many abortions have been performed in your own country, state, and county? Who are the barbarians again?

    On the day Osama Bin Laden was assassinated instead of captured how everyone felt about the assassination – of George Tiller.

    How many girls here are tricked or threatened into abortion?

    There are dozens of other countries – starting with our trade partner, China – where Catholics are persecuted. We cannot end evil abroad, especially while we are drenched with blood here.

    And unlike Afghanistan, the response to the Abortion Holocaust here has been mostly unbloody. If we can petition and work within whatever system here while we watch a million innocents slaughtered each year, on what basis do we worry about something in a different hemisphere?

    Those women and children “over there” are called “collateral damage”, which is the equivalent of saying “removing the fetus” instead of “murdering the baby”. WE dehumanize them – it is hard to bomb and blow them up if you think of them as human beings made in the image of God. We treat them the same if not as less than the Taliban when we dehumanize them so we can do our “nation-building”. Or should they prefer to be murdered by our bombs instead of theirs?

  • Davide




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