9 Things About Your Car that Say “Hi, We’re Catholic!”


1.   There’s a rosary hanging from the rear-view mirror.

rosary on mirror







Just keep it on a short leash, like the one in this picture, or you risk losing an eye.  Sure, if you’re going to blind yourself permanently you might as well do it with a very small crucifix, but still.


2.   You can’t fit into one parking space.









3.   You have at least one pro-life bumper sticker…

bumper sticker







…but you don’t necessarily stop there.








Our pro-life message:  “Yes, they’re all ours, and no, we’re not done.”


4.   You have a carpet of old church bulletins instead of floor mats.

church bulletin












And sure enough, your parish, just like every other parish in the country, consists entirely of realtors, dentists, and painters.


5.   You prominently display a St. Christopher prayer card and/or visor clip.

christopherst. christopher










Who cares if he was a myth?  He was manly.  He probably smelled like bacon and fresh lumber.


6.   Your number one pre-set station is Catholic Radio.

car radio








fr. rocky








Because even Journey can get old sometimes.


7.   You have an entire row of car seats.

car seats







And none of them are this clean, ever.


8.   Your air freshener is a miniature incense thurible.










Okay, I made that one up.  But if they made those,  you know you would get one.


9.   Your car looks like this.

pope car







In which case, thanks for reading.



  • Sharon

    Check out the mini thurible that is part of the Mass set…maybe they will sell it separately


  • Kati Reyburn

    Hi Dianne,

    You can get that or any prolife sticker at http://www.prolifebumper.com. They are awesome because they are magnetic too!

  • Angie

    You forgot Last years Palms lying across the dashboard.

  • Dianne

    I want that bumper sticker. Does anyone know where to get it?

  • http://anabragahenebrysjournal.blogspot.com/ Ana

    Guilty as charged: van, car seat, the works. If you patent the thurible, I will get one.

  • Linda

    James, I want that bumper sticker!! Where did you get it?!

    I think the pro-life bumper stickers speak louder than the rosary. I can’t tell you how many cars with rosaries I see going in to the parking lot of Planned Parenthood. Sadly, to some, it’s only decoration.
    That said, be careful how you drive! when everyone on the road can ‘see’ that you are Catholic, set a good example; no road rage. :)



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