9 Things About Your Car that Say “Hi, We’re Catholic!”


1.   There’s a rosary hanging from the rear-view mirror.

rosary on mirror







Just keep it on a short leash, like the one in this picture, or you risk losing an eye.  Sure, if you’re going to blind yourself permanently you might as well do it with a very small crucifix, but still.


2.   You can’t fit into one parking space.









3.   You have at least one pro-life bumper sticker…

bumper sticker







…but you don’t necessarily stop there.








Our pro-life message:  “Yes, they’re all ours, and no, we’re not done.”


4.   You have a carpet of old church bulletins instead of floor mats.

church bulletin












And sure enough, your parish, just like every other parish in the country, consists entirely of realtors, dentists, and painters.


5.   You prominently display a St. Christopher prayer card and/or visor clip.

christopherst. christopher










Who cares if he was a myth?  He was manly.  He probably smelled like bacon and fresh lumber.


6.   Your number one pre-set station is Catholic Radio.

car radio








fr. rocky








Because even Journey can get old sometimes.


7.   You have an entire row of car seats.

car seats







And none of them are this clean, ever.


8.   Your air freshener is a miniature incense thurible.










Okay, I made that one up.  But if they made those,  you know you would get one.


9.   Your car looks like this.

pope car







In which case, thanks for reading.



  • Jude. Keck

    Yes, I want the thurible air freshened. And don’t forget the crafts made at CCD that get left in the car. Lambs made of cotton balls and crosses from pipe cleaners with beads on them. This month’s Magnificat, misplaced rosaries, prayer cards, and a sticker on the back windshield with your parish logo.

  • Judith

    *you have a Marian shrine on your dashboard.

    *you have a bottle of Holy Water in your cup holder

    *you have a Miraculous Medal keychain

    *you have a Cross weaved out of a Palms from Palm Sunday

    *you have Gregorian Chants,in the CD player & Holy Heroes in the DVD player

    *you have bags of food, water bottle & supplies for the homeless on the floor of the passenger seat, just in case.

    *you have a sign that reads,
    “I am a Catholic, in case of an emergency, please, call a priest.”

  • BeezeyD

    I have my St. Christopher clip, a row full of carseats and XM/Sirius catholic radio station on my #4 spot (happens to be a favorite #) … but the others mentioned are interesting… :)

  • Al

    Unfortunately there are many ignorants non-catholics that uses the rosary hanging on the rearview mirror as a decoration, but even more sadly catholic do the same. The rosary is NOT a decorating item. If you are not PRAYING with it you are using it for the wrong reasons. Many non-catholics think they will get the protection Catholics have using the rosary as previously shown, not knowing that the protection comes from praying it, not using it as decoration but then again many Catholics believe the same.

  • Daniel

    What…. You mean we’re not supposed to keep the church bulletins ? And I have the van but no car seats, still trying to find my Eve. I have some flowers and pomes to deliver. (:

  • Liz

    There’s a chapel veil sitting in the cup holder instead of a cup.



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