Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been sentenced to death by lethal injection.  And by “sentenced to death” we mean he will most likely spend years sitting in a maximum security fa... More


When several hundred priests in England and Wales, in response to Pope Francis' invitation to be forthright and honest, signed a statement urging the Synod on the Family to uphold the Church's tea... More


NOTE: As I was finishing this post, I noticed that Maggie Gallagher published a similar article on this same topic over at The Pulse 2016. Go read her article as well!  UPDATED TO INCLUDE NEW ... More


What better way to see what The Loop is all about then to share with you today's issue? If you like what you see, sign up at www.catholicvote.org/loop.   TUESDAY, APR... More


I gave a talk last night in Bendena, Kansas, about martyrs of the 21st century, starting with the Coptic Christians of Egypt and working backwards to some of those killed in the 9/11 attacks on Amer... More



Did the Founders Intend to Create a Christian Nation?

In his most recent column, Pat Buchanan notes the recent Pew survey that indicates that America has become less Christian over the last seve... More


The Faith of Nate Boyer, From the Green Berets to the NFL

The measure of a man is not just found in the power of his arm or the strength in his legs, but in the size of his heart and determinati... More

Photo credit: SFCatholics.org

Ask Them, Do Catholic Lives Matter?

Ireland just voted to redefine marriage (I will comment on this calamity soon). But we Americans have to respond first to what is happeni... More


Downsize, No. Remain faithful, yes.

In an earlier post I discussed the so-called "Benedict option"--the strategy advocated by some Catholics that the Church withdraw from polit... More


Twin Friars on TV –You Know You Want to See This

People (and I include myself in this) complain a lot about the quality of Catholic media ... often with good cause. There are many of... More

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