In those situations where homosexual unions … have been given the legal status and rights belonging to marriage, clear and emphatic opposition is a duty. One must refrain from any kind of formal c... More


Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix has just issued an Apostolic Exhortation entitled Into the Breach, in which he basically tells Catholic men that they need to stand up and start fighting - for the... More


  Last night on CNN, John L. Allen, Jr. called Pope Francis the new ‘Nelson Mandela.’ Certainly, during these days, the pope is bearing witness to the world’s conscience. But, he is ... More


bon jovi 3

Synod’s Final Report Already Written By Bon Jovi

ROME --- During a press conference this morning, the Secretary General of the Synod on the Family, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldiserri, along with A... More

Jerry Brown, former and soon to be current governor of California.

California Governor Permits Fear-Mongering, Signs Suicide Bill

  A student asked me last week if I thought California’s Governor Jerry Brown would sign the suicide bill sitting on his desk.... More

religious freedom mall

What Pope Francis Just Did for Religious Freedom in America

In Pope Francis’ visit to America, religious freedom was a key theme in his public addresses from the White House to Independence Hall... More

trump obama

Trump as the Anti-Obama

A while ago Tom Hoopes posted an interesting piece pointing out the many ways in which Donald Trump's candidacy is like Barack Obama's 2008 ... More


You Are Right

  It often seems that today's Christians also think that it is permissible to create divisions in the Church, the Body of Christ, ... More

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