My belated comment on AOL/HuffPo [Updated]

A few days ago it was announced that AOL and Huffington Post will merge their operations, along with the more important point that HuffPo’s editorial philosophy will now influence AOL’s operations (including such entities that AOL owns such as Politics Daily) – in a phrase, AOL is being HuffPotized:

According to AOL, the new combined media group will reach 117 million Americans and 270 million globally, in terms of unique visits each month. The Huffington Post, which Huffington started in 2005, currently has a monthly online readership of 25 million unique visitors each month. []

This concerns me a good deal, because over the years, HuffPo has specialized in publishing the most blatantly anti-Catholic pieces I’ve had the dubious distinction of deconstructing.

It’s not just that HuffPo published anti-Catholic screeds, it’s that HuffPo can only talk about Catholic issues from an anti-Catholic perspective. Just looking at my own archives, HuffPo published an article by Vinnie Rotondaro calling for “war” against the bishops, and published this article by Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards lying about Catholics. And don’t even get me started on HuffPo’s laughable “Religion” section:

I was surprised to see that the Huffington Post – a flagship ultra-liberal political news and opinion portal – is launching a religion section. After all, the Huffington Post makes a sickeningly-predictable habit of lambasting, lampooning and villanizing organized religion (particuarly Christianity, and within that, the Catholic faith) at every turn.

I wrote that almost a year ago, and nothing has changed since then.

In fact I would challenge someone to produce a HuffPo published piece by someone who voices respect for the teachings and practices of the Church. In all my years, I’ve never seen one.

Now that HuffPo will be taking over more of the internet news domain, I fear it will become even harder for Catholics and non-Catholics alike to experience a faithful Catholic perspective.

UPDATE: Looks like I’m not the only one who is pessimistic. Since the announcement of the AOL/HuffPo merger, AOL shares have declined to the tune of … wait for it: $315 million.

Also, a friend tells me that Matt Lewis, a conservative commentator who appears often on MSNBC, decided to leave AOL’s Politics Daily and join Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller because of AOL’s decision to put Ariana Huffington in charge of AOL’s news content.





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