A company’s ad shows the Dad as “awesome”?


Last week, Long John Silver’s had a great ad which affectionately showed a Catholic parish’s fish fry.

This week, the impossible happened: A corporation aired a two-minute online ad which showed the Dad as awesome.

The actor says: “My name is…”

“D-A-D!!” screams one of his kids looking for him.

“…and proud of it. And all Dads should be!”

Almost always, fathers are shown as distant, indifferent, until they’re yelling in anger. But this commercial’s father is a regular member of the family who knows and loves his children.

There’s a reason this ad, made for General Mills in Canada, has received over 300,000 views.

Hey, maybe if we want men to be better fathers, we could replace a lot of the dad-bashing with portrayals like this one.

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