A Few More Questions for Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren’s speech to the Netroots Nation convention is much on my mind right now.  I thought of some other points after putting up an earlier post on it.  Like the famous and beloved Lieutenant Columbo, I’d like to ask “just a few more questions, ma’am.”

Senator Warren, in your speech you insisted rather warmly that “corporations are not people.”  Does this mean that you won’t accept any campaign contributions from them?


Senator Warren, you laid it down in your speech as a basic progressive belief that “immigration has made this country strong and vibrant.”  It seems to me that the tenor of your speech is primarily one of complaint.  But if America is strong and vibrant, what are you complaining about?

Getting more specific on this issue: among the basic beliefs you put forward, you complain that many Americans at the low end of the economic scale don’t make very much money.  Could it be that high levels of immigration–which you seem implicitly to endorse–actually work to keep down the wages of working people?

Also on this point: In your speech you complain a good deal that the wealthy and powerful in America tend to push Congress to manipulate the law in their favor.  Have you noticed that many extremely wealthy and powerful people–I mean billionaires–are in favor of the Senate immigration bill, which would increase levels of legal immigration into the United States?  Why do you suppose that is?




  • Damien

    The Catholic teaching on acceptance of refugees–as demonstrated by our bishops and our Holy Father–is clear. You are distorting reality and promoting an un-Catholic (far more right-wing) teaching on this website by attacking acceptance of these least among us.

  • Jack

    I agree with you on immigration. Our borders need to be secure. If we want to help these people, we need to help them in their home country, not having them move to the USA. Having low skilled workers immigrate here is only hurting the poor and driving down wages.



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