A Funny Thing May Happen on the Way to the NY-9 Special Election Next Tuesday [Updated]

There’s a lot of interesting things happening politically right now but the story I’m focusing on involves an unlikely assortment of Democrats, Republicans, Orthodox Jews, Hispanics, Greeks, Turks, Koreans and oh — same-sex marriage.

NY Assemblyman David Weprin is running for the seat recently vacated by disgraced Anthony Weiner (of “sexting” infamy). It should be an easy win next Tuesday for Weprin in this Queens district (NY-9) which sees Democrats at a 3-1 voter registration advantage over Republicans.

Problem is, back in June, Weprin voted to redefine marriage, and went as far as to claim in doing so that he was inspired by his Orthodox Jewish faith to undermine the ancient and common sense understanding of marriage as between one man and one woman.

That ticked off, well, most everyone who isn’t a liberal white Democrat. 40 Orthodox Rabbis have signed a letter “blasting” Weprin’s gay marriage vote. The Jewish Journal and NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind (also an Orthodox Jew) have crossed over and endorsed Weprin’s Republican opponent, the Catholic Bob Turner. NY Senator Ruben Diaz, a Democrat and an ordained minister, well-respected by the Hispanic Community has taped a radio ad against Weprin — because Diaz puts faith and marriage in front of his political party. The New York Times recently published a fascinating profile of the immigrant communities in Queens who believe in marriage and feel snubbed and outraged by Weprin’s vote to redefine it.

… all of which has combined to push Bob Turner ahead of David Weprin by 6 points, according to a recent poll. The race has meanwhile been changed from a “Lean Democrat” to a “Tossup.”

Democrats are taking note and are funneling an absolutely massive amount of money into the race in the hope of changing the tide and pushing Weprin across the finish line, but make no mistake: the reason Weprin is fighting for his political life right now is because he crossed his constituents on one of their core values: marriage. The National Organization for Marriage (where I work) has invested $75K to get the word out among more people so they know where Weprin stands on marriage.

Whatever the outcome next Tuesday (and if you have resources you can provide to help defeat Weprin, please do!), let the lesson once again be learned: voting to redefine marriage is the best way to make an easy election difficult, and make a close election losable. Power to the people who believe in marriage.

You can follow the story here (I’ll post an update whatever the outcome on Tuesday) or until then at the National Organization for Marriage blog.

UPDATE: Bob Turner won tonight’s special election 54%-46%! A huge upset and awesome news! More from me after I catch a few hours of sleep. In the meantime, see the AP coverage.



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  • Bill

    It is a little subtle, but Ed Koch and Mort Zuckerman are supporting Turner in order to throw a fright into Obama whom they consider to be harsh on Netanyahu and Israel. By electing a Republican, they wish to pressure Obama to reverse course on Israel in order to put him in the good graces of those folks, domestic and foreign, who are the ones who pay for Presidential and Congressional campaigns.


      Bill: Could you please share with us who is it you refer to as “….those folks, domestic and foreign, who are the ones who pay for Presidential and Congressional campaigns.” ~ Thank you ~ Greg

  • JenB

    I can see how a perfectly rational human being can support same sex marriage. And, I don’t think that belief should necessarily bar him or her from public service. After all, my firmly held beliefs are often in opposition to those of others, and I don’t want to be silenced just because of those beliefs. However, I find it truly abhorrent to claim that one’s faith in a traditional religion, with a defined set of morals, is used to defend something that is, in fact, contrary to said religion.

    • Bruce

      JenB said, “I can see how a perfectly rational being can support oranges now being called giraffs…” Really? Because that would be highly irrational. You see, you cannot “disagree” with what is objective truth. You can refuse to believe it, but that does not change the nature of the truth in question. In this case, marriage is an objective reality that you, apparently, refuse to recognize for some reason or another. That would be irrational.

  • Bruce

    Do something irrational, such as make believe that two men or two women can marry, and you should lose your job as a public official.

    • Anon

      Exactly, could not have said it better myself.

    • Dace

      We don’t need hurtful comments for those we disagree with. It’s quite unchristian.

      • Michael F

        Dace: Have you heard this before? “Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!”. It sounds to me like a hurtful comment directed at those Jesus disagreed with. Was the Christ being “unchristian”? I agree with Bruce, for the following reason: “Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5:20) And if you think that homosexuality is not specifically prohibited in the bible, you need to take a closer look at the pentateuch.

      • Bruce

        One cannot disagree with the truth. It simply is what it is, and whether or not you believe it is irrelevant.



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