Remember that ugly statue of John Paul? Poland to the rescue!

Remember that ugly statue of Pope John Paul II that was unveiled in Rome back in 2011?

Yeah, this one:

(AP Photo/Marco Guerrieri)

(AP Photo/Marco Guerrieri)

After an outcry, they “updated” the statue.

A year later, the result:

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

Yeah, still ghastly. Totally unworthy of such a great man.

Commuter Alberto Donella also wasn’t convinced. He told the AP: “It’s not him. It’s not him,” he said as he walked by the statue. “He was joyful. He was nothing like this here. For me it still looks like a refrigerator.”

Refrigerator. You nailed it, Alberto.

Rome got it wrong. But Czestochowa got it right.

Workers today in Czestochowa are putting the final touches on a 45.3- foot statue of Pope John Paul II (on private land with private funds) in the city famous for an icon of Our Lady.

Folks, this is how you make a statue of Pope John Paul II:

AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski

AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski




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  • Panda Rosa

    MUCH more in keeping with the open arms of John Paul; the other thing looks like a bus stop shelter.
    FWIW, someone had fun Photoshopping it with Batman, giving a much-needed improvement:
    All the same, 453 feet? That’s half as tall as the 900 foot Jesus that Oral Roberts saw.

    • Brian


      As awesome as a 453 foot statue would be, I believe you miseed the decimal. It is only 1/10th the size you are imagining.

      • Panda Rosa

        Thanx for the heads up. The decimal is a bit hard to spot, but it makes sense. 453 ft is rather tall for any statue.

  • Sandra

    Much better!
    Blessed John Paul the Great, Pray for us!!



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