Remember that ugly statue of John Paul? Poland to the rescue!

Remember that ugly statue of Pope John Paul II that was unveiled in Rome back in 2011?

Yeah, this one:

(AP Photo/Marco Guerrieri)

(AP Photo/Marco Guerrieri)

After an outcry, they “updated” the statue.

A year later, the result:

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

Yeah, still ghastly. Totally unworthy of such a great man.

Commuter Alberto Donella also wasn’t convinced. He told the AP: “It’s not him. It’s not him,” he said as he walked by the statue. “He was joyful. He was nothing like this here. For me it still looks like a refrigerator.”

Refrigerator. You nailed it, Alberto.

Rome got it wrong. But Czestochowa got it right.

Workers today in Czestochowa are putting the final touches on a 45.3- foot statue of Pope John Paul II (on private land with private funds) in the city famous for an icon of Our Lady.

Folks, this is how you make a statue of Pope John Paul II:

AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski

AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski




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  • scragsma

    Even abstract sculpture needs to recognizably resemble its subject, and attempt to capture the subject’s essence. The Rome statue still doesn’t even come close, nor does it give the impression that the artist was even trying to do so. If, as seems evident, most people agree, the artist has clearly failed.

  • pjd

    Beautiful! This statue does JPII justice.

  • Joannie

    Frankly I think although the head is an improvement the rest of the statue is still very “ugly as sin” and also needs to be improved or else just tear the whole think down or remove it and allow the Polish-made statue to be moved to where the current statue now is. It’s still ugly.

  • Carol

    Art is a matter of taste. Some folks like minimalism, some like ostentation. The only thing I find scandalous about this statue is the fact that *Catholics* would not only attack the artist for his style, but would actually go one step further and take it upon themselves to alter the work. There are LOTS of statues and paintings I don’t like of Jesus, Mary, various popes and saints, etc. I have the right to like them or not like them. But to actually publically shame an artist who took the time to portray Pope JPII in his own unique, God-given style by violating his artwork, to me, seems absolutely repulsive. The work was not disrespectful. What was done to it was.

    • Joe M

      Carol. In what way has the artist been “shamed” by people not liking the work?

      You say that you don’t like some pictures of Jesus. Are you shaming the artists of those works?

    • Panda Rosa

      Violating his art? The statue was ugly before and it’s still ugly now.
      Taking a beloved figure like John Paul II and depicting him as what most people consider a rusty broken bell is not exactly respectful in the first place.

  • Ramon Farrugia OFM
  • Margaret Campbell

    Sometime people are so huge in life, so touching, so heart warming that it is almost impossible to capture that love and warmth be it in sculpture or painting. The last one of course is better.



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