A mere 357 votes saves marriage in Minnesota?

Kurt Zellers will become Speaker in MN House

And no I’m not talking about the Minnesota Governor’s race which is so close that it’s going into recount, with Democrat Mark Dayton up about 8000 votes over Republican Tom Emmer.

Supporters of so-called “same-sex marriage” had their sights set on Minnesota to become the next state to recognize these counterfeit marriages.

But to everyone’s surprise, the Republican Party not only won the State House, they won the State Senate for the first time in nearly 40 years.

Politics in Minnesota discovered that razor thin victories over five races determined control in the State House:

Five races in particular were extremely close, with Republicans winning all five by the aggregate total of 357 votes. Had Democrats managed a strategically placed 400 additional votes in those areas, they would have clung to their majority status by a single vote.

The margins of GOP victory in these five races: 134, 107, 58, 30, and 28. Don’t let anyone every tell you that your vote doesn’t make a difference.

Now instead of a Democratic-controlled Legislature approving same-sex marriages, a Republican-led Legislature might try to place a Constitutional amendment on the Minnesota ballot in 2012. (Which could have an impact on the presidential race as it did in Ohio in 2004.)



  • Jamie K

    Love isn’t a feeling; it’s a decision. Youe either choose to love someone or you don.t You don’t fall in and out of love you are either committed to loving someone for life or not that’s exactly what it boils down to…thru thick and thin.

  • Bruce

    And feelings…I have them too. What human does not? And further, what human enjoys hurt feelings or hurting another’s feelings? I certainly do not. But I recognize that there are things above feelings, such as love and truth, and that I have to rise above feelings in order to grasp at authentic love and truth, especially when it hurts. I know that I cannot do that, and neither can you. Only by the Grace of Jesus Christ is it possible to rise above feelings and emotions, and that is what he asks of me, you, homosexuals, and sinners of all shapes and sizes. To die to ourselves includes dying to our feelings and emotions as well, and those may be some of the hardest things to die and rise above. My emotions want desperately for you to tell me that my sins are okay, are not my fault, and that everything is okay. They desperately want that to the point of tears. My soul and my God wants desperately for you to tell me the truth, so that my feelings and emotions may not become the anchor weighing me down in a sea of destruction. Feelings and emotions are of humanity, and because we are flawed, they are flawed as well. They are not love nor are they truth. They can be useful, but we must rise above them to ascend to true love and truth itself, which is God.

    • Leigh

      “Leigh, You never answered the question” Bruce…You never asked a question. I have a “feeling” that this may be the issue. I really do not need you to tell me what love is. Im an adult with a working (and sometimes brilliant) brain. I have children and parents and a husband. I know tough love. I know about discipline. I know how to make logical decisions free of emotion. Did I mention I have children??? If that is not a test of ALL different kinds of love I dont know what is. I also know what love is to me. It is not my job to define it for other people. It is however my job and my promise to God to live my life in the way he shows me to live it. My emotions do not want desperately for anyone to tell me that my sins are ok. This is another point that you and I differ greatly. My sins are my sins plain and simple. Everyone struggles…Its not rocket science. How about we put some faith in God….how about we all pray for what is RIGHT…..not what we THINK is right.

      • Bruce

        Once again, you have not told me what love is. What is it, Leigh? Surely it is more than merely having children, for murderers and rapists have children. Surely it is more than being married, for murderers and rapists have been married as well. You said that you know “what love is to you”, but in reality, that is nonsense. Love is an objective reality, not subject to whatever you want it to be. Just as a horse cannot be a cat, even if you want it to be, love cannot be whatever you want it to be either. You still do not understand what love is.

        • Leigh

          My point is not that “having” children is love. What I meant was that with a family, especially children, there are all different types of love you experience. There is the love that is just “there” because they are a part of you. There are times when you have to love them enough to let them make their own mistakes. The love you feel when they make you proud. The love you feel when you cant stand to be around them but you cant stand to be away from them either…the list goes on and on. Love is too many different things to even list. Murderers and rapists Im sure experience love of some kind. Im not really sure what love would be to someone with the ability to murder or rape but at one time in thier lives they most likely gave and recieved love. The more important observation here is that it absolutley drives you nuts when someone does not fit into your mold of what you think is right. Why is it so important to you that everyone have the SAME opinion (and that is what all of your comments (and mine) are….merely opinions. Even the stats you site can be read so many different ways that it would be hard to hang your hat on any of them (this includes my stats as well)). I LOVE that I live in a world of so very many different beliefs, lifestyles and religions. I do not have to define love for you…Its sad to me that you do. Let go a little Bruce…the world is a FABULOUS place. Should I send you the name of my Botox girl??? I am POSITIVE that you have some frown lines that may need some help. As for a horse being a cat??? I love horses and I love cats. I love that I love things without even having to decide why I love them. You may even be growing on me a little…..

          • Bruce

            You said: “love you feel” but I submit that you’re still missing it. Here are my questions. Does or does not love transcend feelings and emotions? Is love an act of the will or is it merely an emotional response? Can you love something if you do not like it? Your answer to those questions will illuminate much. As for truth, what is truth? Is is outside of you, or is it something that you interpret (along with everyone else)? That is the other primary question. Here are the Christian answers to those questions. Jesus Christ teaches us that loving is an act of the will, for we are to love our enemies, even those who strike at us or kill us. We cannot like them, for our emotions and feelings make it impossible to like someone who abuses or murders us. But we can, and must, love them, which is an act of the will. Does that kind of sacrificial love hurt our feelings and emotions? You bet! Is that fair? No, but that is our human fallen nature. Our emotions are not yet perfected, meaning they are not in line with our will, and they will not be until we arrive in Heaven. Only then may we trust our emotions 100%, because they will finally be perfected. Here, however, our feelings and emotions cannot be trusted. Love is an act of the will, and sometimes that means hurting someone’s feelings (or your own) for the sake of it. In the case of homosexuals, love means telling them the truth of their disorder and the destructiveness of their actions. To not love them is to trust one’s emotions and patronize theirs…to tell them what they want to hear instead of what they desperately need to hear. As for truth, truth is outside you and me, and everyone else. There is no such thing as a truth for one, but not for another. Truth transcends opinion and interpretation. Jesus Christ has says that He is the Truth, thereby showing us that truth is not something we hold, it is something He is. Therefore, it cannot be anything we want it to be, it can only be Him. Truth is objective and unchanging, despite our emotional reactions to it and our opinions upon it. He has given us Himself, the Truth, through His Body and His Words. As such, truth is above our feelings on it, and it does not matter if the truth upsets our emotions or feelings, because ultimately, only the truth will make us happy. DO NOT TRUST YOUR FLAWED FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS. Only the TRUTH will make you happy and perfected. To not tell the truth, is to not love your children, spouse, or friends. The truth of human sexuality is final and firm: The sexes are complimentary and males were made for females and females were made for males. A man shall leave his mother and his father and cling to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. Such a statement is not merely theological or Biblical, but also a strict and cold biological fact as well. The human body was designed for just this purpose, and it is God’s plan that we are incomplete on our own. Any deviations from the truth, such as homosexuality, hook ups, and other forms, are quite frankly, lies. If one does not seek to marry while on earth, that person may offer his or her life to God in perfect celibacy, or in other words, his or her body will join with God and God alone will be his or her spouse. It is as beautiful of a marriage as sacramental marriage. God has given us so much, if we only surrender to to His love and His truth. If we only use our will to transcend our feelings and emotions…to tell the truth and to love the truth, and to love in truth alone. Why choose lesser and flawed feelings and emotions over what is ultimately our only path to true happiness. Homosexual behavior will never bring a person true happiness, because it is neither love nor truth. That is what we affirm, because that is what has been revealed to us. This is love and this is truth.

  • Bruce

    The base of the argument between the Church and homosexual/enlightenment thinker/activists is the definition of truth and love. The Church correctly declares objective truth and authentic love. Truth is that which has been revealed by God through Scripture and Tradition, and also that which is understood through natural reason. Truth is not feelings, emotions, nor opinions, which is what the opposition believes, which is to say that they have fallen into relativism. Relativism ultimately leads to a total negation of truth, relegated to be whatever you want it to be. As for love, the Church knows that love and the truth go hand in hand. Love is not feelings, emotions, nor opinions either. Love is not relativistic. Love is truthful relationship. Failing to provide homosexuals with the truth of the disorder of the homosexual lifestyles is a failure to provide homosexuals with love. It is unloving to allow homosexuals to commit gravely immoral and physically destructive sexual acts. It is unloving and it is untruthful. And there is the heart of the argument. If you are superficial, than it seems unloving to tell someone the truth. If you are a more complete human being, telling the truth is one of the only true acts of love.

    • Leigh

      It would be unloving of me not to let you know that you have no clue what youre talking about.

      • Bruce

        Well, then you have proven my point: You do not understand what love is, even when its explained to you.

        • Leigh

          If you really knew me…as a person and not as a comment on a blog you would know that your statement above is so very very wrong Bruce. Also…..the first time in all of our “back and forth” disagreements and “digs” that you have really gone too far. Its a good thing that I am a confident individual who knows who I am to the core. A person of strength. A person who has a rich relationship with God and loads of people who I love and who love me back….otherwise this just might be a statement made by you that could really hurt. You may want to look up the word “Humble” Bruce…..research that word as passionatley as you would all of your “stats” on the homosexual lifestyle. Will spend some time praying that I can better understand how to deal with people with your personality in a more positive manner. I hope that you save your stinging comments for this blog and not for people in your “real” life…..

          • Bruce

            Leigh, you still have not answered the question. Nowhere in your comments have you exhibited that you understand what love is, and when presented with a clear definition, you feign ignorance. As for providing statistics and science clearly illuminating how destructive and disordered homosexual behavior is, you once again feign ignorance or fall into irrational denial. The science was given because you claimed a scientific viewpoint. I looked for proof for your assertions of normality, and found the opposite. Affirming a homosexual lifestyle is irrational and harmful from a purely scientific standpoint. So, you cannot fall back upon science, so where to next? It appears you have now gone into the arms of feelings and emotions, which is in the realm of the irrational. In your latest response, you vaguely refer to feelings as love, as well as fuzzy words such as “confidence” and the bizarre notion that the mere quantity of people one knows qualifies as “love”. At no time, in history, have these words or ideas been synonymous with love. You are mistaken about what love is. So, I ask you again, what is love, Leigh? Is it merely base and vapid feelings and affirmations? Are such empty emotions and superficial feelings worth dying for? Did Christ die for emotions and affirmations? Did Christ know that feelings would be hurt in the course of delivering the truth? Did Christ recognize that the truth was more important than emotions – what did he say at Peter’s outburst concerning his feelings on Christ’s passion and death? Would you die for such trivial things? Or does love and truth go hand in hand? Or is love, in its greatest expression, sacrificial? So which is it, Leigh? If love is only emotions and feelings, it is ultimately void of content and empty, subject to whims of fashion, fancy, and even hormones. If love goes hand in hand with truth, however, it surpasses emotions and feelings. It is present in suffering as well as joy, for truth transcends feelings by a vast margin. If you define love as feelings only, you will hurt everyone you claim to love, especially homosexuals. You will hurt them in a far deeper manner than you know, for you will be responsible for damaging both their bodies and their souls. If you define love with truth, only then will your love help bring about their salvation. Which is it, Leigh? Authentic love which saves the homosexuals in your life, or the false love of feelings which aids their demise and is no different than hate?

          • Bruce

            As for the “humility”, let me add that my sins are worse than those of a person who was theoretically guilty only of homosexual behaviors alone. No mortal sin is any worse than another, as each are equally damning and destructive in the eyes of God, and I have been guilty of such sins myself. At no time have I ever been infallible or perfect, and I need God’s mercy for my destructive lifestyle as much or more than anyone else.

  • Jorge

    I first herd of this blog on 950AM. I thought I would check it out. I grow up in a very conservative Mexican Catholic family, I would dare to say I bit more conservative than most American grow up in. I went to Sunday school since I was 3 ’till I was 10 (Now I am 23) If there’s one thing I learned in all those years was to love and accept everyone. I recently went back to Sunday school so I could do my Confirmation. Our family was blessed with a beautiful baby girl, my parents have an “oops” and now my sister (22 years) and I have a baby sister (1 year). I’ve been with my boyfriend for 5 years now and we love each other very much. I’ve seen my friends get married and have kids. If God were to actually come down and speak to all, I think he would say to just get along and love everyone the same way you love your brothers and sister. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful set of parents who love me and embrace me the way I am. My mother and father do not approve of gay marriage at church. But they hope that at least one day I can call my partner husband in paper. See I have a great insurance coverage, but I can add him to it.

    All I am asking is to re-think, your position on legal-gay-marriage. We’re not asking to Pope to let us have wedding at a church, we’re asking for a simple paper that we’ll let us help the ones we love.

    • Bruce

      Jorge, read this to learn about the medical downside of homosexual behavior: http://www.zenit.org/article-8199?l=english Read this on homosexuality and love: http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2010/oct/10100708.html Read this on the special call of homosexuality: http://catholicexchange.com/2010/09/07/134089/ and read this on logical reasons against homosexual “marriage”: http://www.zenit.org/article-30118?l=english Here are the reasons from one link if you do not click on those above: 1. It negates what marriage is. Marriage is not just a social construct, but a cultural universal. Marriage is the basis for family formation and is not simply a way of legitimizing sex. Evolutionary biologists acknowledge that male-female bonding in lasting pairs was the critical step in human evolution and is something built into us by nature.

      2. The percentage of homosexuals who want to marry is very small and in places where it has already been legalized there have been relatively few same-sex marriages. It has been legal in the Netherlands since 2001 and only about 4% of homosexuals married during the first five years after legalization.

      3. There is another agenda here. A fundamental goal of the homosexual lobby is the complete social and public endorsement of them. Being able to marry is like having a stamp of approval from governments and society. It also changes the institution of the family and essentially redefines marriage out of existence.

      4. Not all relationships are alike. Homosexual relationships are much more unstable and promiscuous than heterosexual ones. Research has also found that among married homosexual couples the rate of divorce is much higher than for heterosexual couples.

      5. Claims of discrimination and denial of rights are spurious. People are entitled to the benefits of marriage if they meet the requirements. Just as family members and minors cannot marry, so too homosexuals cannot. Social goods are denied to all sorts of people and that is how life operates. Societies discriminate in favor of heterosexual unions because of the social good derived from them. Homosexuals are seeking to re-write the rules to get all the benefits, while avoiding the obligations.

      6. The arguments used to justify legal same-sex marriage could be used to legalize incest, polygamy or any number of sexual combinations.

      7. It is not good for children. In most cases a child will do better with a mother and a father. As well children need role models as they are growing up. Children should be given priority, and not used as political footballs.

      • Leigh

        Jorge….DO NOT let these small, one track minded people tell you how to live your life. Live it respectful of others, in love with one person, stay good to your family and stay as far away from this blog site as possible. Most people on this site (Bruce included) will tell you how much they hate the gay life but that they love you. They will also tell you how evil your lifestyle is and will spew out a bunch of NONSENSE that is only intended to make you feel bad. I have a gay daughter and love her very much and will fight as hard as I can to see that she has the same rights as all the haters on this blog. Love your family, love God….he loves you just as you are. We will let the church decide how it feels about gays and marriage. We will continue to press our government to do the legal and constitutionally sound thing and grant you and yours equal rights under the law. Lots of love from me to you and your family. And keep in mind that for every one statistic Bruce gives you….You can easily find two or three that prove his wrong…..no need to list them for him though. No matter what they say in your favor he will no believe them.

        • Bruce

          No matter how much truth is put in front of Leigh, she will always refuse to believe it. It is one of the saddest tragedies that she constantly harms homosexuals by denying them the truth, which is the epitome of unloving.

          • Leigh

            Yes Bruce….you’ve figured me out. I am all about denying people the truth and of course am totally unloving. Wow youre good.

          • Bruce

            So it would seem.

  • Bruce

    This is absolutely wonderful news! Glory be to God! I prayed hard for Our Blessed Mother’s intercession to protect marriage in Minnesota, and she has come through again…as always!

  • Jean Marie Hall

    Dear Sir:

    Your recent email message concerning the results of the November 2, 2010, election was forwarded to me by a friend.

    I am a practicing, lifelong Catholic. I have never in my 70+ years been so offended by something connected with my Church. Do you know that this country was founded by people who came here for religious freedom? Do you know that the Bill of Rights calls for separation of church and state?

    What you choose to believe as a citizen is your privilege but the Catholic Church has absolutely NO business pressuring its members to vote a particular way in a national election. From this day forward, I will fight to have this organization categorized as an illegally operating non-profit institution.

    Jean Marie Hall

    • Joshua Mercer

      Jean Marie, We are a lay Catholic organization. So people are free to join CatholicVote as members if they want to. We are not claiming to be the voice of the U.S. Bishops. CatholicVote.org is a 501c4 organization that lobbies for legislation and we also endorse candidates for office with our political action committee. Of all which is still legal in the United States. We have a separate CV Educational Foundation which is a charitable 501c3 organization but it does not use any of its funds to endorse candidates. Perhaps this is the source of your confusion.

      Oh, and that whole Separation of Church and State. Why do you quote a letter that Thomas Jefferson sent to the Danbury Baptists? I mean, who cares?

      Why is it that when Catholics decide to organize politically, people freak out? I mean, black churches in Chicago can endorse candidates in church and no one has a problem with that.

      • Bruce

        In 1803, one year after the Danbury letter, Jefferson made a treaty with the Kaskaskia Indians, wherein he pledged money to build them a Roman Catholic Church and to support their priests — all from federal funds. Does that sound like Jefferson thought religion to be dangerous to democracy? He apparently saw no conflict between asking Congress to implement the treaty’s provisions by appropriating funds, and the prohibition that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

    • Bruce

      The Church has the right and duty to teach its members its beliefs and practices, and also has the right to inform its members of the values they are to uphold as Catholics in secular society. We are called to go out into the world and make disciples of everyone, and we have a duty to promote the truth (which comes in the form of Christian values). The Church does not make specific political endorsements, but She is perfectly entitled to promote values that Her members must uphold. If your favorite candidate does not uphold those values, then you should take issue with him or her. It is not the Church’s, nor the truth’s fault that your candidate does not uphold the values of Jesus Christ and His Church. As a “lifelong, practicing” Catholic, you MUST uphold the right of your neighbor to live (love thy neighbor means to reject abortion) and you MUST uphold marriage as one man and one woman for lite. If you do not, you are NOT in communion with Christ nor His Church.

    • Ammazzamoro

      Our Beloved Lord was condemned by a politician responding to the votes of the people before him.

      And so, perhaps it is worth evaluating that your opinion is only opinion and not a truth. Just as a false division between faith and reason is unnatural, a seperation of politics, is patently evil, and religion is contrary to the Way of the Cross.

    • Joe

      If you voted for pro-abortion candidates, you might want to re-check your status of “practicing, lifelong Catholic”. As Abp. Burke made it painfully clear, Catholics who knowingly vote for pro-abortion candidates place themselves out of communion with the Church (no, that doesn’t mean excommunicated). Judging by your tone, I presume that you voted for Obama.

      • Nicole

        With regard to your comment of the “Bill of Rights calls for separation of church and state,” you are misinformed.

        The Bill of Rights actually calls for no state (federal) religion. Most states have similar language in their constitutions, so there are no Churches of Maryland or wherever because the states chose to mirror that language.

        Our founding fathers chose to leave all that up to the people and the government is NOT to be AGAINST religion, rather, it is to be neutral among religions (no preference for us Catholics over anyone else).

        Having cleared that up, that the Bill of Rights calls, not for a “wall of separation,” but NEUTRALITY, the previous posters can cover why you, as a Catholic, are wrong if you choose to believe that Rome has nothing to do with our votes.

    • JohnE

      “I am a practicing, lifelong Catholic. I have never in my 70+ years been so offended…”

      Perhaps you haven’t heard: The cafeteria is closed! Interesting that the Catholic Church supposedly has absolutely no business “pressuring” its members to vote a particular way (such as to stop abortion and save marriage) but apparently you do?!

      I don’t think it’s pressure you’re feeling Jean, it’s a guilty conscience.



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