A Note on Our Endorsement in Nebraska

Six NE candidatesRecently CatholicVote.org announced its endorsement of businessman Pete Ricketts in the race for governor of Nebraska. Since our announcement, we have received emails and calls affirming our endorsement as well as others questioning our choice. Some have pointed out that there are several candidates vying for the Republican nomination who boast strong records on life, marriage, and religious liberty including State Auditor Mike Foley and Attorney General Jon Bruning.

Pete Ricketts has been long-time defender of the unborn and supports marriage as a union of one man and one woman. Ricketts also supports education reform, market-based reforms to health care, and is 100% committed to protecting the rights of conscience and the religious liberty of business owners and religious organizations alike. He also has executive experience having served as COO of Ameritrade, and has proposed an economic plan we believe will serve well the citizens of his state.

Admittedly, other candidates in the race share many of these same policy goals. This is not a race between one pro-life candidate and radical pro-abortion competitors. That we endorsed Ricketts does not mean we are condemning Bruning or Foley. For example, in the 2012 Republican presidential primaries CatholicVote.org endorsed Rick Santorum. That did not mean we deemed other pro-life and pro-family candidates like Rick Perry unworthy of support from Catholic voters, or even Mitt Romney, who we later endorsed in the general election and worked aggressively to elect.

Another example also comes to mind. In 2012, CatholicVote.org got involved in the Texas Senate primary battle, which pitted that state’s lieutenant governor against the solicitor general. Both men were pro-life and pro-family. When we endorsed then solicitor general Ted Cruz, we received some criticism from supporters of Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. Why were we picking sides?

At that time we were convinced that Ted Cruz would be a more consequential leader and a stronger voice, if he were elected to the position. While we don’t agree with every decision Ted Cruz has made since, there’s no doubt that he’s made a substantial mark on the U.S. Senate.

That doesn’t mean that CatholicVote.org is infallible in our endorsements. These judgments, like many political judgments are prudential in nature. We research extensively each of the candidates and the issues, talk to leaders in the respective state, and then do our best to determine who has the courage, commitment to the foundational issues, and leadership skills needed to advance the cause of life, family, and freedom.

Catholic voters in Nebraska can choose to agree with our judgment or not. There are several good choices for Governor of Nebraska. We remain convinced that Pete Ricketts rises to the top.


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11 thoughts on “A Note on Our Endorsement in Nebraska

  1. Denise says:

    To be fully informed voters, all Nebraskans are highly encouraged to visit the non-partisan Voter Information Project which posts direct responses from each of the candidates on all key issues. Go to: http://www.voterinformation.org/races/primary-2014/for-governor-rep/ Within hours of receiving the request, Mike Foley, a man of clear conviction, answered all of the hard questions on abortion, traditional marriage, etc. In contrast, after receiving multiple reminders in the past two months, Pete Ricketts has not completed the Voter Information Project questionnaire but instead provided an apology for his unresponsiveness. Which candidate is rising to the top?

  2. Jan says:

    I know it is a political campaign, but we expect pro-life organizations to NOT be political but to support ALL pro-life candidates. The note above only strikes me a Pete Rickets Ad.

  3. John says:

    Plus a public record as the NE state auditor that clearly demonstrates his leadership and skill in rooting out problems in our local state government.

    And because this is a Catholic website, I can personally vouch for seeing Mike at daily 6:30am Holy Mass and he is consistently the last to leave every day. Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us.

  4. John says:

    You would be wrong. Mike Foley rises to the top.

    i.e. Mike Foley = the only candidate consistently praying at the local Planned Parenthood.

  5. Jennifer Davis says:

    Your endorsement was not necessary and only appears suspicious.

  6. morganB says:

    Nice picture, but what are their names?
    Your slender method for choices for Nebraska offices remind me of a form of a litmus test.
    What an absolute fabrication…
    “there’s no doubt that Ted Cruz has made a substantial mark on the U.S. Senate.” The truth is just the opposite. Cruz made a mockery of the filibuster process by trying to repeal a law, AHC, that was voted in by congress. He failed miserably.

    Speaker Boehner was so effected by Cruz, Ryan and Paul that he lost control of his caucus.

    1. Nathan says:

      I have a shared distaste for Ted Cruz, as well, and thought his tactics last fall were terribly foolish and harmful to my party, but what mockery did he make of the process? One, he didn’t ever technically filibuster anything, and even if he had, that’s his prerogative under Senate rules. Second, you seem to imply that once something is passed by Congress, it’s a dead issue. That’s not how it works now or ever. Anyway, Boehner lost control of his caucus? He lost control of it before Cruz ever came onto the scene. People like Tim Huelskamp were making unnecessary waves long before Ted made it to Washington. As a matter of fact, Cruz’s shenanigans helped Boehner reassert himself. As for Ryan, I assume you mean the congressman. He hasn’t undermined Boehner. I’m curious what leads you to suggest that. And Rand Paul is actually a force in making sure McConnell wins his primary in Kentucky. With all due respect, your analysis is wrong.

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