A Priest for Forty Hours

This incredible story came to me first via family.

St. Joseph Parish in Maumee, Ohio posted this note to their Facebook page on Wednesday (it has already been viewed and shared thousands of times since then):

As many of you know, our seminarian Deacon Scott Carroll has been battling cancer for some time. Although Scott looked forward to joining his classmates for ordination on June 22, 2013, it became clear this week that an earlier ordination might be prudent.

On Wednesday morning, Bishop Blair ordained Fr. Scott to the Order of Presbyter. The ordination took place at his parent’s home with immediate family present. It was a beautiful occasion and Scott is very much at peace.


Today, a seminarian friend of Fr. Scott’s posted the news on his blog that Fr. Scott passed away today — a mere two days after his ordination:

Fr. Scott passed away about 40 hours after his ordination.

Right before his death, he had just finished offering the Mass.

When it was over, he fell asleep and died shortly thereafter.

Fr. Claude Dusty-Burns (better known to many as @FrPontifex) posted this brief reflection on Facebook:

Fr. Scott was ordained two days ago and died today. He is a priest forever.


Rest in peace, Father.


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  • Linda

    Rest in the peace of Christ’s arms, soldier in Christ, blessings, Linda

  • George Dawson III

    God bless him –its not how long you live , but what you live for and how you live for others .One of these days ill meet him in heaven and thank him for his service –to God and us !!!
    I remain as always Gods Warrior Servant and yours SWG GEORGE

  • http://www.stcatherinenyc.org Fr. Jordan Kelly, O.P.

    May his memory be eternal! Fr. Scott will be remembered at Masses this weekend at Saint Catherine of Siena, New York City.

    Vivat in aeternum!

  • AnneM040359

    Rest In Peace Father Scott Carroll, a priest FOREVER.

  • Joseph Sanchez

    What a delightful story and a beautiful way to leave this earth.
    Another saint in Heaven!

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