A Pro-Family Thanksgiving Top 10

Here are my Top 10 reasons pro-family people can be thankful in 2012 ….

10. The world is going our way. Worldwide, Christianity and belief in God is on the rise. Pro-life and pro-marriage populations are growing daily.

9. White Western secularism is a strange ideological holdout of the tired old Enlightenment, propped up by money and technology but destined to fail.

8. This year marked a historic low of Americans willing to call themselves “pro-choice.” Abortion is horrifying to more and more people.

7. If you’re pro-life, you’re on the side that will be remembered by history as a bright light in a dark time.

6. A lot fewer people are hitting the snooze alarm after this most recent wake-up call.

5. States are more pro-life than ever: 3 in 5 have GOP governors; dozens are rejecting pro-abortion Obamacare provisions.

4. The media, America’s Largest Super PAC, scored big in 2012, but its power is weakening considerably every year.

3. The Church is focusing on all the right things — Evangelization and faith fundamentals — with Cardinal Dolan heading the effort.

2. Can we “win the culture”? The big 2012 Christmas movies are Catholic classics:  Eucharist-loving Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and that Divine Mercy parable Les Miserables.

1. If we could be thankful before slavery ended, if we could be thankful before civil rights, if we could be thankful while the Soviets controlled Eastern Europe, we can be thankful now!



  • http://twitter.com/riotjock riotjock™

    Some reference to go along with these assertions would be helpful. A number of them appear made up. You would think that you would learn from the Romney fiasco, fabricating your own polls does not mean that you can change REALITY!

    • Tom Hoopes

      good point … links added

  • annieb

    thanks for the GOOD NEWS…..hard to find if you don’t keep looking!

  • Aquinas

    Another reason for hope: 20,000 marched in France against the legalization of gay marriage. Mon Dieu!

    • james

      ah,qu’il est bon le bon dieu!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.argir Sean Argir

    The Hobbit is a Catholic classic???? How has it become labeled as such when there is no christian religion inside it and there is magic in the movie?? Makes no sense to me!!!

    • Chris S

      Yep! Isn’t t awesome?! Tolkien wove an incredible fantasy with major Catholic themes throughout the books. Read the books again except this time look for the Catholic imagery and you’ll be impressed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nancy-Janzen/100002850437081 Nancy Janzen

      Ask the author JRR Tolkien a very strong Catholic who said it was based on Catholic teachings along with the Lord of the Rings. Or read Bilbo’s Journey Unlocking the Hobbit. The Return of the King had multiple meanings. Your generation needs to learn to read between the lines and below the radar. Another scary thought Dean Koontz is a Catholic writer and it permeates his work too. Dragon sickness is sin dude.

  • Randall

    11. Congressional Republicans aren’t letting up, thank God. They are going to refuse tax hikes for the job creators, which will protect them, and send the country over the fiscal cliff and plunge us into the Second Obama Recession. Meanwhile they are going to beat the war drum on the Benghazi issue until we find *something* to impeach Obozo on, and during a recession, people will jump on any chance they get to declare him “guilty” just to get him out of office. And then it’s all over for the baby-murdering fascist Democrat party.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Daniel/100001170819577 Donna Daniel

    Please copy ‘n paste this as far and wide as possible!! And then make some phone calls. This election does not get decided until Mid-December when the Electoral College cast their votes.

    According to Article II of the U.S. Constitution AND the 12th Amendment – if 1/3rd of the States do not cast their votes in the Electoral College — then the matter falls onto the House of Representatives to choose the President. In other words — if we pressure Congressmen, State Party Officials, and groups such as Tea Party Patriots, Heritage Foundation, etc., to call on RED States to NOT have their Electors cast their vote –then the House of Reps CAN choose the next President!!!!!

    The democrats are stealing this election and it is up to WE, the people, to put the hammer down on their widespread vote-fraud. The founding-fathers gave us the Electoral College for several reasons. Vote-Fraud is one of those reasons. But it is up to us to hold tightly to the Constitution. If we don’t – then we are just as guilty as those who would ignore it.

    The Constitution can stop the socialist machine in its’ tracks. But it is up to YOU to get on the phone and make some noise. Please call your State Party Officials, your Congressmen, and any political groups or organizations ASAP.

    WE do not elect the President. The Electoral College elects the President. But if enough of them do not cast their vote -then the responsibility falls onto the House of Representatives to choose the next President.

    MAKE THE CALLS!!! If just 17 RED States agreed to NOT cast their votes in the electoral college – then it goes to the House. And if pressured – they just might do it.

    We do NOT have to convince ANY democrats – at all.

    All we have to do is convince 1/3 of the States to NOT cast their electoral college votes.

    Well more than 1/3 of the States did in fact vote as RED States. And they too can see the obvious, wide-spread vote-fraud which has taken place.

    So, if the Electors in 17 States which Romney won decided to NOT cast their electoral college votes — then the electoral college does not meet the requirement as defined in the Constitution. And in such a case, the electoral college is thereby null and void. The matter then goes to the House.

    In every State, each political party chooses its’ own “electors”. Then, whichever party wins the popular vote in each State is the party which gets to have its’ electors cast their vote in the electoral college.

    However, according to the Constitution and the 12th Amendment, in order for the Electoral College to have a quorum – then at least 2/3rds of the States must cast their votes.

    As stated in the Constitution and the 12th Amendment: “A quorum for this Purpose shall consist of a Member or Members from two thirds of the States,”

    So, if 1/3 of the States (17) do NOT cast their electoral college votes – then it goes to the House of Representatives (not the senate) to elect the next President.



    • http://twitter.com/riotjock riotjock™

      So, you don’t like the vote of the people, so you are going to try to invalidate their vote? I guess you don’t really like America, or democracy after all.

      • Randall

        Sometimes the ends justify the means. If a back door Romney election keeps America from Marxism, Sharia law, and infanticide, disenfranchising a few voters is absolutely the moral thing to do.

        • ATT

          Nope. Nope. Nope. You can’t take away someone’s rights for any reason! It’s simply not justifiable.
          Read Aquinas on ends and means. Then get back to me.

          • ATT

            You’re willing to sacrifice the constitutional rights of other citizens for your personal political goals. This is, in its naked essence, the same attitude that the authoritarians and dictators of the world cling to in order to maintain power. Don’t forget, our leaders hold authority through the “consent of the governed”: and the governed have spoken.

            I’m as pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religion as anyone in this country. Yet, I’m going to tell you straight up that I’d 100% rather live under the democratically-elected President Obama than under any regime (right- or left-wing) who is going to sacrifice another person’s constitutional rights for their own political motives. Even if the alternative means a decaying, corrupted republic.

            Taking human rights away is not the answer to the cultural demise.

        • BufordJr



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