A Super Tuesday for Social Issues? [Updated]

Well, at least a mini Super Tuesday. The North Carolina Senate just voted to allow the people of that state to vote to define marriage as between one man and one woman in May 2012 by a vote of 30-16 (the N.C. House voted to pass the same bill by a margin of 75-42 yesterday).

… that sound you aren’t hearing is the sound of the mainstream media ignoring the news.

Meanwhile, the special election in NY-9 (Brooklyn & Queens NY) is shaping up to be very interesting. Pro-life, pro-marriage Catholic Bob Turner is taking on pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage David Weprin to replace disgraced Anthony Wiener in Congress, in a district that Democrats have a 3-1 voter registration advantage.

Will Bob Turner pull it out? We’ll certainly see! I’ll be tweeting tonight as the results come in.

Meanwhile, if you live in this district (or have friends or family who do) please go out and support Bob Turner!

UPDATE: Bob Turner won tonight’s special election 54%-46%! A huge upset and awesome news! More from me after I catch a few hours of sleep. In the meantime, see the AP coverage.



  • Bruce

    The comment sabotaging in this thread is typical of the homosexualist/irrationalist movement. Their M.O. is to silence all opposition and to say heck with open-mindedness and “tolerance.”

  • MichaelL

    Thomas. We have a problem. The good news is that the victory in NY-9 is front page center. The bad news is that there is almost no mention of the marriage issue. Huh? The victory is being spun to be about Obama’s Israel policy and the economy. Here’s a typical story from USAToday. ( http://content.usatoday.com/communities/onpolitics/post/2011/09/bob-turner-new-york-special-election-obama-/1 ) And Bob Turner is not helping to change this impression. Just take a look at his webpage. ( http://www.bobturnerforcongress.com/Home.aspx ) Your comments…

  • Mike M

    Unfortunately, the media seems to be ignoring any role that social issues may have played in this election despite the clear evidence that gay marriage had at least some impact on its outcome. I guess that figures, though.

  • MichaelL

    Thomas. This is turning into an anti-super Tuesday for Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life. We need a quick response from the Catholic blogosphere. Already Rachel Zoll of the Associated Press has written a piece with the title “Anti-abortion priest-activist suspended by bishop” which is being picked up by news outlets around the country. Please defend Father Frank! May God bless you.

  • Patty Ann

    Actually – It Will help many who count on a mom and a dad arrangement for their support and guidance in life. We are confusing our kids beyond measure when we attempt to second guess nature. Two men or two women may be attracted to one another. That’s their business. But for them to involve innocent children by adoption convolutes natures’ ability to perpetuate itself. Politicians can’t change that with legislation. It’s about time we admit the reality and co exist without creating special classes of behavioral deviations.

  • N. Sears

    Actually, the legislature of North Carolina just voted to allow the people of NC to revise their constitution prohibit any legal recognition of gay and lesbian couples whatsover. This constitutional amendment will prohibit civil unions and domestic partnerships in the state of North Carolina. It was purposefully written to remove all options for legal recognition despite. It’s insidious and hurtful and won’t help a single family in North Carolina.

    • Jordan P

      If you’re right about this constitutional amendment, then it’s a very good and very necessary law. Legalising same-sex pseudomarriage and its equivalents is insidious and hurtful and harms every family in the world.



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