“If we are not active, and doing something to get rid of [abortion], then we are complicit in it.”

Abby Johnson at Franciscan University

photo: Franciscan University

It was a stirring night in Finnegan Fieldhouse when Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director-turned-pro-life activist, shared her story.

Before I share the video playlist, just a point of reflection. Abby said:

“One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was look at my parents, and tell them that I took the lives of two of their grandchildren.”

Think about that phrase for a moment: “I took the lives of two of their grandchildren.” We know she means via abortion, but when those words are strung together, “I took the lives of,” it usually is a courtroom confession/apology after the sentence is read and before the convict is led away to prison.

She takes those words for herself, she owns them, yet she walks free, because, first, our country allows the killing of grandchildren, provided they haven’t yet escaped the should-be-safe confines of the womb and birth canal. But second, because to many people, for a cornucopia of reasons, the baby in the womb does not deserve protection.

But think: we lose just about as many grandchildren every. single. day. to abortion as we have thus far lost in nine years of fighting in Iraq. In two days we lose many more than we have lost in both Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11. And, if you tos the one-day body count of 9/11 into the mix, we still lose more grandchildren in three days than we have lost in Iraq, Afghanistan, and on 9/11.

Three days, that many people gone, before they even had a chance to open their eyes to the light.

Abby’s plea was impassioned. We put up three short, but powerful, video excerpts in a playlist.

(Don’t miss Abby getting stage-rushed by nuns in the third video.)

From the news release:

Johnson got involved in pro-choice activism in college after having two abortions herself, followed by an eight-year stint working for Planned Parenthood.  In 2009, working as director of an abortion clinic in Bryan, Texas, she was called in by a visiting abortionist to operate the ultrasound during an abortion.  What she saw changed her mind, her career, and her life.

“I knew what I saw on that ultrasound was true.  I knew that the movements of that child told me it knew its life was in danger,” Johnson said.  “We use the word ‘choice’ instead of using the word ‘murder.’  We use the word ‘choice’ instead of the word ‘killing.’  It doesn’t make sense, but that’s what we do in our society.  I saw that ultrasound, and watched that child struggle and fight to save his life.  I watched the child be dismembered inside his mother’s womb.  I saw those limbs tumble and turn and get sucked down that tube.  But he had no chance.  He had no choice.”

He had no choice. Abortion is protected by people who call themselves “pro-choice,” but the human being most immediately and directly affected by the “choice” has no say in the choice.

Absolutely boggles the mind that any believing Christian could support abortion “rights” in any way whatever.



  • Davide

    Wow powerful stuff!! Thanks Abby and Tom.. Thank you!!!



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