Abortion supporter calls working at Catholic university “a joy.”

They must think we Catholics are suckers.

When Russ Feingold represented Wisconsin in the Senate, he voted for taxpayer funding of abortion and opposed any ban on gruesome practice of partial-birth abortion.

Thankfully, last November, the voters in Wisconsin said they didn’t want him anymore.

Ah, but have no fear! Marquette Law gave Russ a call. As I mentioned earlier this year: Marquette Law hired a man as a teacher who voted to warp our laws against defending little children in the womb.

To the disappointment of liberal Democrats, Russ Feingold announced this morning that he won’t be challenging Scott Walker in a race for governor nor will he run for the Senate seat vacated by retiring Democrat Herb Kohl.

Well, good.

But guess what he cited as a reason not to run?

Teaching law during the spring semester at Marquette University Law School was a joy. The Marquette Law School is a thriving academic institution situated in a beautiful new building, Eckstein Hall. I found my time with the dean, staff, faculty, and especially the students at Marquette to be a terrific first experience in teaching law. I am pleased that I have been asked to return to teach full-time this fall and look forward to doing so.

I didn’t realize it was the responsibility of Catholic universities to be Full Employment Program for ousted pro-abortion Senators.

Is it better that he is hired by a law school in Milwaukee rather than voting in Washington in a way that harms us all? Perhaps. But this isn’t the solution either.

If Catholics are to evangelize to the world, we have to clean up our own house. We have to be true to the Gospel of Life. And to hire an abortion supporter completely undermines that. I mean, that’s so obvious.

Could we imagine Marquette hiring a racist? What if Marquette hired a man who believed that women shouldn’t be able to purchase property? Imagine the outcry.

So why is it okay for a Catholic university to hire someone who fought against any attempt to protect our youngest brothers and sisters from death by the hands of an abortionist?

It’s stunning that the same university that started Project Rachel is now hiring abortion supporters. Unreal.

Hey alumni, don’t send Marquette another dime.



21 thoughts on “Abortion supporter calls working at Catholic university “a joy.”

  1. Juli says:

    Good way of explaining, and nice article to obtain data concerning my presentation topic, which i am going to deliver
    in university.

  2. Mara says:

    I am ashamed of my alma mater. My parents and two of my siblings also went to Marquette. I met my husband there. Can you imagine a Jewish temple inviting a holocaust supporter to preach? I don’t see the difference. When Marquette calls/writes for money, I tell them exactly why they won’t get another penny from us and why my kids aren’t going there.

  3. MotherofFive says:

    Astonishing. Offensive. But thank you for letting us know. Does it make any sense to write to the President of the Law School? The Board of Regents? What advantage does the school imagine from this wretched and deeply inappropriate appointment?

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hahaha I would have loved to have seen what was redacted from David’s statement. Comrade Obama I love that, so going to use it. But, I agree with David, Alex you are flat out wrong and heretical. You libs don’t seem to understand that there is no maybe in this argument there is only yes and no. Yes you are against abortion and you support the church or no you are for abortion and like KCHawk mentioned maybe directing souls to hell and are therefore directly against all Catholic doctrine. [Sentence redacted.] Peace be with you!

    1. James says:

      @Stephanie You are completely right! Way to go sister! This conversation right here is why it is important we never give libs like Alex any power because they aren’t true Catholics. Feingold and people like that take advantage of well meaning Catholics, but no more. We will take back our government from these liberal greedy people, and God will reward us.

  5. Alex says:

    I’m so tired of people making this a liberal/conservative debate. Is it not possibile that he could be a good teacher, making the students better lawyers? According to you, because he disagrees with one aspect of doctrine, it’s not possible. So, shame on you. Shame on you for making the Catholic Church about one issue. Shame on you for encouraging people to discriminate against others who don’t agree with us. Also, to all the posters who keep saying this is a liberal thing, there are plenty of liberals who are pro life, I am liberal and pro life and I am not alone. I pray everyday for the day the church decides to become one, and stop listening to voices like the author of this article who are trying to place wedges in between us so that we become less and less Catholic.

    1. KCHawk says:

      How can one be a “good” teacher if one is openly heretical about a core doctrinal issue? Whether it be women’s ordination, papal infalliabitlity, the immaculate conception, etc… if a person is heretical it follows that their teaching would be bad, and maybe
      direct souls to Hell. That is not good, is it?

    2. David says:

      @ Alex [sentenced redacted]. Abortion is the number one issue that plagues our society, and if this idiot can’t get in line then we shouldn’t be giving him a paycheck. There are plenty of other good Catholics looking for a job (so we can all support Comrade Obama’s socialist programs)that could better suit the needs of those students. [sentence redacted].

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