Abortion Survivor Not Intimidated by Rube of a Man.

During an InHuman demonstration outside a late-term abortionist’s office today a woman who survived an abortion and proved she was quite viable outside the womb was told to “shut up” by some guy walking by. Students for Life shared via Twitter:


Some people just cannot stand to have their base assumptions challenged by living, breathing evidence to the contrary.

Bravo to the Students for Life, Lila Rose and LiveAction, and all those involved in exposing the inhumanity of the abortion industry.

Also, according to Father Greg Shaffer, the priest at George Washington University whose ardent Catholicism riled some gay activists recently, the late-term abortionist protested today is a block away from the GWU Newman Center. He and his students have prayed the rosary there weekly during the school year.

And why are they there? Because this is a reality (screen capture taken from LiveAction.org/inhuman):



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  • Jonathan Brumley

    Tania, you’re right we don’t know the ways of God, but we also know who our God is – He is love and mercy. As a parent who has lost three children to miscarriage, I believe our God is such a loving Father. So I hope and believe He has accomplished the salvation of those innocents for whom we pray, just as He accomplished the salvation of the Holy Innocents who died at Herod’s command.

  • SegoLily

    Look around you–how many unbaptized people! This is what the new evangelization is about. We need to get souls to heaven. Not only are the aborted denied baptism, but so many fallen away Catholics have not baptized their children! We are reborn in Christ in baptism and this is no small thing. To promote the concept that aborted babies are surely in heaven may in fact, be enabling the wicked practice of abortion. Let’s leave the disposition of unbaptized and aborted infants to God.

    • jgbech

      I believe much differently about babies who die without being baptized. They are going no where else but with their Lord in Heaven. Hogwash to those who wring their hands and foolishly believe something like Limbo for the aborted and unbaptized.

  • SegoLily


    We don’t know the ways of God in regards to the disposition of unborn aborted babies. We can’t assume aborted babies are in heaven. We do know that God loves them and their mothers! To assume aborted babies are in heaven is a “feel-good” theory and perfectly understandable and attractive. There is a Catholic theology that teaches abortion IS so purely EVIL because it denies the conceived human the opportunity of being born and of ever being baptized in Christ and reaching heaven. That is the primacy of Baptism! These children are denied that–any chance is annihilated. To do that to a human is unspeakably EVIL.

    I know this is more abstract and not easily grasped, but if you ponder it, it is a chilling reality in my estimation.

  • Tania

    this is so horrific! how do some not see! How many babies are up in heaven. I just want to cry everytime I think of this



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