Abps. Wuerl and Burke make Cardinal!

You know you’re a papist blogger when, having covered Church news at a distance for so long, it takes some time for you to realize that one of the cardinals announced today is actually your cardinal, the archbishop of your city.

That was the case for me today upon the announcement that Archbishop of Washington, DC Donald Wuerl is one of the two American archbishops who will be made a cardinal in Rome one month from today.

Here is Archbishop Wuerl’s statement upon being informed of the news:

“This truly is an honor for the Archdiocese of Washington, the Church in the nation’s capital, and for all of the clergy, religious and parishioners of this local Church who every day live out their faith in commitment and deep love for Christ. I am humbled by our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI’s trust in me as shepherd of this flock and pledge to him my renewed fidelity, affection and loyalty.”

The other American archbishop named today was … drumroll … Archbishop Raymond Burke! I am so excited about his elevation to the college of cardinals. Rocco Palmo – who I’m sure will be providing more coverage of this consistory of cardinals – has Archbishop Burke’s full statement.

Neither of these appointments is particularly a surprise. Both prelates, after all, occupy positions which traditionally bestow a red hat, but nonetheless, any time a cardinal is named it is a cause of joy for the universal Church, and especially for those who share a country with or live under the pastoral guidance of one of them. May the Holy Spirit guide and sanctify them!



  • Matt

    This is why many of us are suspicious of Bishop Wuerl … http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2007/jan/07011604.html

  • Katherine

    It will be wonderful having Cardinal Wuerl here in Washington. May God bless him!

  • Brian English

    I wonder how the usual suspects are going to spin this as another demotion for Archbishop Burke?

    • Thomas Peters

      Brian ~ ha!

    • Nathan

      At the same time, given comments that I’ve seen directed towards him on AmP’s site in the past, I’m also waiting for others to declare Wuerl’s inclusion to be a catastrophic mistake. No one seems to want to believe that this Pope knows exactly what he’s doing on behalf of the Church.

      • Bruce

        Hmmmm…that is interesting, Nathan. Tell me, how did you feel when Cardinal Wuerl refused to allow Catholic Charities to give benefits to homosexual couples in Washington D.C.? I was very proud of his courageous witness. Your answer to this same question will tell us all quite a bit about yourself.

        • Nathan

          I thought he did exactly the right thing. So I guess that tells you I’m a good, orthodox Catholic after all. And I fully believe that Cardinal Wuerl a good, orthodox, pastoral leader for our Church. However, you apparently haven’t been around here long enough to see others savage him for arguing against denying pro-choice politicians the Eucharist. I have been. I’ve seen it. Hence my well-justified comment.

          • Bruce

            Not so fast, my friend. Me thinks you protest a bit too much. Cardinal Burke’s views on the Eucharist and the worthiness of public heretics has not been rebuked either. In fact, his stance and practice has ties to the ancient Church. This is not to say that Cardinal Wurel is wrong either. As it stands presently, neither are right nor wrong so far as such things have not been fully discerned nor revealed at this point (in terms of Church practice/teaching). Such things have been left up to the discretion of each successor of the Apostles (bishops).
            That said, I would like to ask you if you would be willing to expand upon your final statement. What is it that you believe Pope Benedict is “doing on behalf of the Church”?

          • Nathan

            I protest a bit too much? What do you believe I’m protesting? Other than calling out those who have let Cardinal Wuerl have it for stances they don’t agree with just as Brian originally took a jab at those who don’t like Cardinal Burke? I like objectivity, so if I’m protesting on behalf of that, then so be it. If you’re reading into what I’ve said to be something else, I have absolutely no clue what it would be. And I’m all too happy to elaborate on my comment regarding Pope Benedict: in my 20-something terminology, he’s one shrewd dude. He’s picking excellent men to be leaders of our Church, but it seems everyone has a beef about something–whether it’s the promotions of Wuerl and Levada or Burke and Dolan–depending on their particular ideology. All the evidence over 5 1/2 years indicates Benedict has a clear vision of how he wants the Church represented and Her teachings propogated in the 21st century. Look at his picks thus far to fill the majority of archbishoprics in the country: all are orthodox to the core but also are not publicly confrontational with those who stray from Church teachings. I know there’s always going to be grumbling that a given bishop should be doing this rather than that, but Benedict is providing us with teachers of the faith, who can communicate it through traditional and digital media in an effort to persuade others of the Truth. This is setting a post-abuse foundation to restore the Church’s credibility, among faithful and non-faithful alike, and begin a new evangelization. And that’s what I see Benedict doing on behalf of the Church with his elevations. And in my estimation, it’s an extremely wise strategy.

    • Diane at Te Deum Laudamus

      That whole notion of him being “promoted out” was fully debunked when he was appointed to a fifth congregation, IMHO. Cardinal-designate Burke is the Prefect of one Congregation (Signatura), and is a member of four others. He is also a president, and member, of several other noteworthy pontifical commissions and councils. I made a post on it back in July of this year, with as complete of a list as I could put together on his responsibilities. Think about this: Is it just the Pope, on his own, deciding these things, or does +Burke enjoy a great deal of support from others in the curia? He may not be the most electable in a papal conclave among a pool of candidates, but I would put him in the top 10 (and he is relatively young yet).

  • Bruce

    God bless both of these men, with wisdom, patience, and the truth in their leadership roles. Cardinal Burke was my bishop,and he is truly a wonderful man!

  • William

    That B16 recently put Wuerl in charge in the U.S. of helping transitioning Anglicans was a pretty certain indicator of the Pope’s confidence in him.



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