Action Alert: New Virginia Regs Threaten Catholic Adoptions (NOT April Fools)

I wish this was a joke – but it’s not. I received this action alert from a friend:

The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) has proposed regulations to require state licensed adoption agencies in Virginia, including private church-run adoption agencies, to not refuse to process adoption of children based on sexual orientation.  If these new regs are adopted, even private, church-run agencies would be required to process adoption applications by same-sex couples.

The VDSS is requesting comments from the public on this new proposal. The comment period ends tonight at 11:59 PM. Please leave a comment and help us spread the word!

I also received this message from Catholic Charities in Arlington, VA:

If these standards are approved, our office here at Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington, Inc., Center for Adoption and Pregnancy Services will no longer be able to serve the Catholic community and women who come to us for pregnancy counseling, many of whom are contemplating abortion.

Let’s make sure Virginia isn’t added to the states which have already seen Catholic adoption agencies be forced to shut down. Let’s make sure it doesn’t become even harder for religious adoption agencies to place children with a loving mom and dad.

Please Enter a Comment and then ask your friends to do the same! Thank you!

[PS – I would observe that reading comments from gay activists who SUPPORT introducing these new regs which would threaten to push religious groups out of the adoption business (again) really explodes the myth that the gay agenda isn’t fundamentally opposed to religious liberty. Their agenda isn’t about inclusivity, it’s about actively crowding-out people with traditional moral values from the public square. Just look what gay activists in Michigan are currently doing to Crystal Dixon.]

Update – please read Catholic Charities Diocese of Arlington President Art Bennet’s comment as a good, thorough template.



  • Katherine

    Recall the Governor of Virginia for proposing this.

    • Justin


      I don’t believe this was the governor’s doing.



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