Action Alert: Support the Mississippi Personhood Amendment on Nov. 8th!

I’ve written before (at LiveAction’s blog) on the importance of passing Mississippi Amendment 26, the “Personhood Amendment.”

You can find more info on this pro-life amendment at www.YesOn26.Net

I can’t underscore how potentially important this could be for the future of the pro-life movement, with a few caveats that Michael New helpfully explains.

But bottom line: the measure is on the ballot and deserves our support to help it pass.

The amendment already has bi-partisan, wide and deep support in the state:

Mississippi citizens collected over 130,000 signatures, 40,000 more than were needed to qualify it for the Nov. 8, 2011 ballot

… The measure is drawing strong support across the state, with some polls showing an excess of 80 percent support for it. It has also been endorsed by Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, who is running for governor, Attorney General Jim Hood, and both of their opponents in the general election. It also enjoys wide bi-partisan support among candidate for the state legislature. [U.S. News & World Report]

Lining-up against the amendment are Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. These two organizations are so worried about losing that they created a fake “pro-family” astroturf group to try to help defeat it (this is an interesting and encouraging trend: Planned Parenthood is so hamstrung by its damaged reputation that it is now being forced to setup new organizations in order to continue deceiving people).

If Amendment 26 passes with our help, there are sure to be legal challenges. But we will be the ones on offense. And we’ll have tangible proof of at least one state whose citizens want personhood to be defined from conception.

When it comes to creating a culture of life in our states and in the law, it’s time to go on offense!



  • lifeisbeautiful88

    Let’s organize a COMBOX ACTION TEAM! 😀

    Regardless of how the Mississippi Personhood election turns out today, there will be an online media onslaught of news articles spreading lies and misinformation. GREAT! This is our opportunity to educate the public on the TRUTH!

    Google “Personhood” every day and let’s fill those comboxes with the FACTS!

    Here are some good links to find quotes and link to:

    Biological Criteria for Human Life:

    Conception from rape:


    Let’ pounce while we have the audience!

    HINT (Make a word doc with some well written responses so you can copy and paste them to different articles.)

  • Mouse

    Hi Friends. Nov 8th is the feast day of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, a wonderful Discalced Carmelite sister (for those of you who haven’t heard of her). Let’s ask for her intercession on this matter as we pray…she who loved the Lord so much!

    All of us, let’s pray and sacrifice on that day for the passage of this amendment. PRAYER WORKS!

  • Aaron Williams

    Here is the letter from Bishop Latino of the Diocese of Jackson regarding the personhood amendment.

  • Fran

    The state doesn’t have the right to define personhood at all. God does. I am against this law as it is blasphemous.

    • Deacon Don Bourgeois

      Fran, How is this law blasphemous? Are you one who believes in killing children in the womb through abortion? The moment of conception the child is a human person with a soul, or don’t you believe that? If you do why are you opposed to this Law???

    • Michael F

      By that argument, you will eventually get to the point of all government being blasphemous (does it have the right to define freedom, does it have the right to defend it’s citizens, etc). How is it incorrect if a government decides to write in law something in agreement with what God says, to protect it against being defined as something else? People can align themselves with the Lord, why can’t governments (which are made up of people)?

  • Whitney

    As a bonus, this law should shut down IVF clinics throughout the state as well. There are over 400,000 frozen embryos in the United States. Keeping them frozen is tantamount to kidnapping or wrongful imprisonment, and any process that destroys the embryo will be classified as murder (or at least involuntary manslaughter) under the new law.



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