Action Item: How we can stop Planned Parenthood from getting *even more* taxpayer money

Why does Planned Parenthood love Obamacare?

Because they know that, one way or the other, it will in all likelihood turn out to be a huge cash cow for them.

For instance, a stacked panel is now about to declare that Planned Parenthood can offer contraceptives for free to the general public.

Who picks up the tab? Surprise, surprise – you and me.

We can thank Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD, pictured at left) for seeing to it that Obamacare mandates that what constitutes the “unique health needs of women” should be decided by a “panel of outside experts,” and that, if contraceptives (and other “family planning services”) are deemed to be “preventive health services” Obamacare will offer them for free, through Planned Parenthood, across the country, paid for by taxpayers like you and me.

It has long been Planned Parenthood’s strategy to make itself the distributor of more and more resources paid for by the government, thereby increasing the number of people who must go to Planned Parenthood for free birth control, etc. (Michael New has recently debunked the false claim that Planned Parenthood is the sole health care provider for low-income women.)

And, because we know that over a period of years, most women’s birth control will fail them, Planned Parenthood will also be there for those women to help them take care of … well, we know what Planned Parenthood’s plan is for “unwanted” babies.

I’ve spoken to people who are part of the effort to prevent this “panel of outside” experts from deciding to offer free birth control for all through Planned Parenthood. They tell me that while the panel is made up of “outsiders”, they are not “outsiders” when it comes to the pro-abortion movement. This panel is bent on authorizing Obamacare to pay for Planned Parenthood to distribute women’s birth control with our money.

There *is* something we can do about this. This web form allows you to make a comment about the panel’s deliberations (I would simply write something like, “Birth control is not a preventive health service, and I won’t pay for it!” Then feel free to include the link to this story).

If you live near Washington, DC, I would also recommend attending one of the open meetings they have on this topic (UPDATE: the last meeting is March 9th).

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Family Research Council and other pro-family organizations have lobbying this panel to make the right decision. We can unite our many voices with their clear message.

Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press



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