Action: Join my CA bus tour to defeat Barbara Boxer. 42 stops in 10 days!

Next Monday I’m going on a 10-day field trip which will take me over 2,500 miles across California, all for the purpose of defeating Barbara Boxer and encouraging Latinos to “vote their values” (pro-life, pro-marriage, etc) at the ballot box.

This is a long post so I’ve divided it into two sections: 1) Why I oppose Barbara Boxer, and support Carly Fiorina -AND- 2) Information on the bus tour, and how you can join

1. Why I oppose Boxer, and support Fiorina

Currently there is not a single pro-life woman in the Senate. We have a chance to change that by electing Carly Fiorina. She is running against Barbara Boxer for her senate seat this November. Boxer, in a field of pro-abortion candidates, stands out for being unabashedly in favor of abortion on-demand and is proud to run on that position.

During the Health Care debate, Boxer argued that denying women abortion coverage as health care was similar to denying men Viagra coverage (seriously). During the Presidential Campaign she bemoaned the fact that McCain had a zero percent rating from abortion-lobbyist NARAL (seriously). In her current campaign, despite these radical abortion views, she sponsors “Babies for Boxer” as a way to gain votes (again, seriously).

During her recent debate with Fiorina, Boxer criticized Fiorina for wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade, and made fun of the fact that Fiorina “opposes marriage equality.” In other words, Boxer is in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage.

During the last immigration debate, Boxer torpedoed efforts for bipartisan reform. Boxer is beholden to the union lobby, which opposes a guest worker program because, in Boxer’s words, it creates a “pool of cheap labor.” In other words, she believes market-based labor costs will undermine union efforts to control wages in their favor. So she opted to play politics with immigration, exacerbating an already-bad situation.

As you can see, on a host of issues, I oppose Barbara Boxer’s anti-life, anti-marriage and anti-free enterprise positions and am excited to be part of the team that defeats her.

Carly Fiorina, on the other hand, is proudly pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-immigrant and pro-free enterprise. During a hotly-contested Republican primary, she didn’t budge an inch on any of these issues. And even since winning that primary, she has not “moved to the center” in an attempt to compromise her principles for added support. She is currently in a dead heat with Boxer in the polling, and I believe she can carry the race, especially if Latinos support her candidacy.

2. Information on the bus tour, and how you can join

The “Vote Your Values” California bus tour is a 2,500+ mile, 32 county, 42 stop campaign, and takes place from September 27th – October 6th.

It is organized by Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, and the pro-marriage National Organization for Marriage.

I will be riding in the WI-FI equipped “Vota Bus” pictured above and at right, taking photos, sending out updates and live-tweeting at the Tus Valores Twitter account.

Here is the website which lists the bus locations and stops:

Here’s what you can do to help out our efforts:

  • Join us at one of the campaign stops in California between Sep 27 and Oct 6
  • Invite your friends to attend a tour stop (I’m sure most of us have friends in CA!)
  • Follow my tweets from the Vota Bus
  • Like the Latino Partnership Facebook Page
  • Encourage your family and friends to vote their values and support Carly!

My regular blogging for American Papist will continue while I am on the road.

See you next week in California! For Life, Marriage and a better America!





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