Action: Oppose the IL Civil Unions Lameduck Strategy today!

If you live in Illinois (or have friends who do) this is an urgent request to call your state reps and demand they not vote for the civil union bill (SB1716) that some are trying to sneak through the lame duck session.

Cardinal George and the entire Catholic Conference of Illinois have issued a letter opposing the bill, noting that “Language in the bill offers little protection in the context of litigation that religious institutions and individuals will face if this bill is adopted.”

Once again, gay advocates are attempting to circumvent the democratic process by pushing through legislation which threatens religious liberty (and Catholic institutions of higher learning), in this case by taking advantage of a lameduck session.

Please visit the official Illinois General Assembly website and starting calling representatives (starting with your own if you know who they are) and demand that they vote against this harmful bill, no. SB1716!

Please also like this post and share it with your friends as well. THANK YOU.



  • Bruce

    Homosexuality is disordered. It always has been, and it always shall be. Sexuality is only truly expressed in the marital act between one man and one woman joined for life. Outside of that, it is a lie and a pure distortion. But that is not the real issue here. The interesting thing is this: Once you have decided to reject truth, there is nothing which can hold the remains together. Governments who have arbitrarily decided to redefine truth have, in a way, given it up entirely. There is absolutely nothing preventing the government from also sanctioning multiple-partner unions, unions between adults and children, unions between brothers and sisters, and unions between animals and humans. There is nothing actually standing in the way, since now a union has been broken from its true form, and one cannot argue on the basis of reason, against any other form of union listed above. Let us try it, for example. I am sure many of those supporting homosexual unions are incensed that I mentioned there is no way to prevent adults from forming unions with children or animals. But why not? If you say such things are disgusting or unnatural, you are implying that there is an objective reality or truth that exists which you are comparing it to. Except, you have already debunked that objective reality, so now you are faced with one of two decisions (and ONLY these two decisions: Either accept that objective truth exists and all unions outside of real marriage are false, or deny all objective truth and accept all unions (in their many forms). You cannot logically argue that if a union no longer means what it has always meant, certain unions are better or worse than others. That would imply that an ideal union exists, which you have already denied. And what of “union” to begin with? The very concept was revealed by God, as the union of one man and one woman. The idea that humans can be united at all is written in the Natural Law. To reject the unitive nature of humanity as it is written on our own bodies and souls is to reject the idea of union entirely as well. Once you have destroyed the ideal, nothing is out of bounds anymore, because it logically cannot be. Say nothing of religion, there is no amount of reason which can justify allowing some unions, but not others, once you have rejected the idea of an ideal union. So, this is where we are, and it really is only a matter of time. For long ago it was thought that contraceptive unions, let alone homosexual unions, would never be possible, and yet here we are. It will not take as long to allow other, even more twisted, unions from occurring as well, and I suspect that will be the case in my lifetime (and indeed it already has). You cannot prevent such unions from occurring using reason, for any judgment that suggest otherwise already flunks the logic test, because such a judgment would imply a standard to compare to, which has already been destroyed. There is reasonably or logically nothing to stop us now from marrying siblings, children, or livestock. The only roadblock is to admit that there is only one ideal and true form of union, and all others are false. Barring that, there is nothing to stop the descent into madness.



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