ACTION: Stand up for Traditional Marriage in Illinois

Same-sex marriage may become the law in Illinois this summer, without a single vote in the legislature or a single legal argument in court.

The ACLU and Lambda Legal have brought the gay marriage battle to Illinois by filing a lawsuit against the Cook County Clerk seeking to overturn the state’s Defense of Marriage Act and to force him to begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

Following an endorsement of gay marriage by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, the Cook County Clerk, Cook County State’s Attorney, and even Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan have all refused to defend the Act against the ACLU/Lambda assault. In fact, they’re not just refusing to defend the law — these government officials, despite swearing to uphold the law, have filed papers attacking marriage between one man and one woman.

If an outside party is not allowed to intervene in this case to defend the definition of marriage in Illinois as between one man and one woman, the court will strike down the law, without a single argument being made in court to defend marriage. It is important to note that the Illinois Defense of Marriage Act was passed by overwhelming bipartisan majorities in the state legislature – yet today no elected officials will defend it.

Our friends at the Thomas More Society have stepped in to defend the Illinois Defense of Marriage Act. But they need your help to stop this run around the legislative process by contacting county clerks to urge them to participate as an intervenor to defend the law.

The radical homosexual activists are very good at scaring politicians away from the defense of marriage. The county clerks listed below need to hear from you — they need to hear that you support marriage and you want your clerk to join the effort to stop our marriage laws from being struck down by a judge in Chicago. These clerks need to know that we don’t just want them to say they are pro-marriage — we want them to do something about it!

So here’s specifically what you can do: Contact as many of 101 county clerks as possible (listed below) and tell that lawyers are looking for them to intervene in this lawsuit to defend marriage.  They can contact the Thomas More Society directly at: 312-782-1680. The case is rapidly moving toward a conclusion, so the clerks have to act immediately.

Remember, when running for office, some of these clerks spoke out in support of marriage as between one man and one woman. Help these clerks to stand for their convictions by joining in the defense of marriage.  Stop activist groups from using the courts to impose same-sex marriage on the people of Illinois.

Make the call today!

County Clerks in IL



  • timothy canezaro

    It is extremely worrisome that politicians think they are imbued with the power to radically redefine the meaning of Marriage & Family. These attacks are happening here in Illinois, rhode island, minnesota, Ireland, England, France, Phillipines, Peru and elsewhere.
    These politicians should be given fair warning, they will be replace by The People with a new breed politician that respects people of prayer and faith backgrounds and. Gets busy solving our secular problems as a society like the sensless killings of innocents, lack of jobs, unemployment and poverty especially among native american people on reservations all over the united states.

  • timothy canezaro

    Hey everybody. Support traditional family values and godbless the owners of chick fil a for taking az stance against a very powerful gay lesbian lobby . These special interest lobby are decaying our country and the values that once made us strong as a people.

  • James

    I think Pete is on a very slippery slope. If you wish to bend your knees for the sake of civility, then why not continue to bend them so that people who wish to have marriage within multiple partners, minors, or even animals be recognized by the state? Shouldn’t their rights appeal to some form of “compromise” as well? One must remember the reason traditional marriage needs to be defended, for the development of the family unit, which is the building block of a healthy society. And that’s not just our faith talking, it’s also seen within Natural Law and reason. Thankfully our Southern Baptist brothers and sisters have come out against same-sex marriage and choose to defend what our misguided politicians here in Illinois refuse to do.

  • Pete

    Today, one of the most vocal “defenders” of marriage, announced a change of heart. He gave many reasons for his decision, but I think most important is this statement “And to my deep regret, much of the opposition to gay marriage seems to stem, at least in part, from an underlying anti-gay animus. To me, a Southerner by birth whose formative moral experience was the civil rights movement, this fact is profoundly disturbing.” This is exactly what I see in the post above, from the use of the terms “homosexual activists” to the claim that marriage is somehow under “assault” by the very people that want to be a part of it. As Catholics, we need to stop preying on existing societal prejudices against gay and lesbian couples in this war against their families. That is what we have allowed this to become, make no mistake about it, and it was our doing. So today, as a Catholic, I stand with Mr. Blakenhorn 100%. I too have changed my mind. I want to close with his words, as they reflect my thoughts best: “Another good thing is comity. Surely we must live together with some degree of mutual acceptance, even if doing so involves compromise. Sticking to one’s position no matter what can be a virtue. But bending the knee a bit, in the name of comity, is not always the same as weakness. As I look at what our society needs most today, I have no stomach for what we often too glibly call “culture wars.” Especially on this issue, I’m more interested in conciliation than in further fighting.”

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