Actor Hugh Grant praises British assisted-suicide advocate

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Hugh Grant and Ann McPherson

  • This past week long-time assisted-suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian died in Detroit. On the other side of the pond, another assisted-suicide advocate also died. Ann McPherson founded Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying to promote assisted-suicide in Britain. Thankfully, the practice is still illegal in the United Kingdom. According to LifeSiteNews, actor Hugh Grant is a financial supporter of McPherson’s work. “She’s right on assisted dying,” said Grant. “That seems to me like the dignified option. I don’t know quite what she wanted in her last few weeks, but she was a great champion of the right to die in a dignified manner, which it seems she did.” Sad to see another celebrity to use their notoriety to promote the Culture of Death.
  • Ross Douthat, writing on his New York Times blog, speculates what legalized assisted-suicide would look like in the United States if the practice became as prevalent as abortion: “If the right to die really became ‘a lot like’ the right to abortion in America, there would be Swiss-style thanatoriums in most American cities, the Hemlock Society would be a major lobbying group (boasting, no doubt, that most of its resources go to palliative care rather than assisted suicide), and Kermit Gosnell-style thanatists would prey on the elderly while the courts looked the other way.” God help us all if that ever happened.
  • Catholic colleges are getting intense scrutiny from the Obama administration. Adam Wilson has an excellent write-up on the clash between Catholic colleges and the National Labor Relations Board. It cuts to the heart of religious independence from the state. “On May 26, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) found that one Catholic college lacks substantial religious character and hence cannot stop adjunct faculty from unionizing. They ruled that St. Xavier University in Chicago ‘is not a church-operated institution’ and is therefore subject to federal labor law. That was the second such ruling in a few months. The NLRB declared in January that Catholic Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York, is not recognizably Catholic.” Read the rest of the article at Crisis magazine.


  • Marianne Gervais

    No surprise here with Hugh Grant. Cute as he is, he lacks any semblance of integrity. I don’t think it has anything to do with “dignity,” just vanity.

    • enness

      Maybe a little vanity, but I think it’s more likely that people are grasping at control in order to mask the fact that they really are afraid. Control makes things seem less scary (I’m saying that as an admitted control freak in many respects). It’s difficult to relinquish.

      That said, I fail to see how casting away one’s life like it was yesterday’s trash can in any way be considered the “dignified option.” Dignity isn’t dependent one one’s physical condition, and much less something bestowed by the State, thank God.



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