Addressing lies, lies, lies of abortion promoters (with a brogue)

Awesome ad about abortion comes out of Ireland. It even addresses those instances when an unborn child may be harmed in the course of a medical procedure that is *actually* necessary—“this is clearly not an abortion, since there no intention to harm the unborn child.”

And it’s all said with a brogue, so it’s extra charming.

“Abortion never saves a mother’s life, it just kills a baby.” “So let’s have zero tolerance for misinforming women.”

Check out the great work the Life Institute is doing to uphold the dignity of life in Irish law.



38 thoughts on “Addressing lies, lies, lies of abortion promoters (with a brogue)

  1. MAS says:

    Ture choice means to be fully informed in order to make a choice. The video notes that women are being lied to and misinformed about abortion. Pro-choice and pro-life advocates both should agree that this must be stopped. If pro-choice individuals do not want to stop spreading misinformation, they must explain why they continue to use faslehoods which actually deny the possiblity of true choice. Abortions DO NOT SAVE women’s lives, but they DO increase the risk of death and of disease, including breast cancer. This is also information which is denied to women seeking an abortion and must be given to them. As things stand currently, such withholding of critical facts denies any true choice at all.

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