Advocates for Women Bishops Rejoiced as Five More Anglican Bishops Join Catholic Ordinariate [Updated]

UPDATE — I missed that this article is a year old. But I think my observations about the trends still stand.


Traditional Anglican bishops leaving the Church of England and joining the Roman Catholic Church’s Ordinariate as advocates for female bishops simultaneously push for (and rejoice over) their departure:

Advocates for women bishops last night welcomed the resignation of five Anglican bishops to the Catholic Church saying their departure should help quicken the arrival of full equality within the Church of England.

The five bishops, three of whom are still working bishops, have left the Church of England following prolonged disagreement over the consecration of women bishops, an issue which has bitterly divided the Anglican Church. [The UK Independent]

The lines dividing the orthodox See of Rome (which continues to follow the apostolic tradition) and the ever-splintering doctrinal disputes of post-modern protestantism become clearer yet.

I think the creation of the Ordinariate will have far wider-reaching impacts than simply on those souls it directly effects. The existence of the Ordinariate and the possibility of similar structures being erected in the future changes the inter-denomination debate of protestant churches and ecclesial communities where some members desire to retain and fully live-out the core traditions of Christianity. In other words, the Ordinariate does not just change the Roman Catholic experience, it transforms the debates going on within mainline Anglican and protestant communions as well.



  • J.D.

    One trend that I have noticed, particularly down South, is that Protestants aren’t necessarily looking to the Catholic Church when they are looking for more traditional expressions of Christianity. There is a trend of conversions to Eastern Orthodoxy. I read an article a year or so ago that discussed the growing trend of former ministers becoming Orthodox priests in Texas. I even know of some converts to Catholicism who didn’t last long in the Church and continued on to Orthodoxy. I am not saying this is a good thing, but rather its a wake-up call for Catholics not to assume that displeasure with being Protestant will lead someone into the Catholic Church.

    • Bruce

      They’re simply deceived by the smells and bells of the EO, and don’t seem to realize that on many issues, the EO is actually more liberal than the Church.



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