Amazing Papist Video: Benoit XVI

I’m thrilled to have found this video after searching a bit on DailyMotion for “papist content.” It features various clips of Pope Benedict’s visit to Germany during World Youth Day ’05 (with a mix of sweeping aerial shots and intimate on-the-ground footage), as well as some other nice clips of him during his Cardinal Ratzinger days. The video also includes a very nice soundtrack and was compiled by a French gentleman who goes by the name of “Vaillant” and produces “various videos concerning the Catholic faith.” This is, in my opinion, his best.

Oh, and don’t be thrown by the first couple clips featuring oriental dancers…the good stuff is coming.

Now isn’t that a good way to get excited about Pope Benedict’s imminent visit to Brazil?

As a reminder, I’m always interested in links to videos featuring Pope Benedict/Cardinal Ratzinger, especially YouTube, DailyMotion and other websites that support embedded video technology. So, feel free to drop me a line if you come across anything good or have produced something yourself and want to give others a chance to enjoy it. Thanks!

AmericanPapist comprehensive coverage of Pope Benedict’s visit to Brazil can be found here.





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