Amazon promotes a Kindle book by CV blogger Joseph Bottum

Fellow CV blogger Brad Birzer implored me to understand the importance and get involved in eBooks. So far, I’ve held off purchasing an iPad. But then I discovered I could simply download Kindle for my Android.

And so today I purchased Dakota Christmas for 99 cents.

I’ve just started reading the short story and I know I’m going to like it. And what’s more, it’s written by fellow CatholicVote blogger Joseph Bottum. (You think his writing here is good? Just wait…)

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Michael Novak said: “Families have always loved brief Christmas classics that could be read aloud by the fire. Joseph Bottum’s ‘Dakota Christmas’ is such a classic.”

Yeah, so read this story by the fire, from your Kindle (or Android, or iPhone, iPad or Fire). You’ll enjoy it.



2 thoughts on “Amazon promotes a Kindle book by CV blogger Joseph Bottum

  1. Joseph Bottum says:

    Thanks for the praise, Josh. The ebook is now the Number 1 bestseller in nonfiction on Amazon, which is all due to you!

    1. Margo says:

      What in the world has been happening at First Things? I just read “On the Brilliantine Coattails of Lust” in the March 2013 issue. I had not read the journal for about a year and began with that piece. I wrote to editor D. Mills to protest. Mr. Mills’ reply had earmarks of ignorance , error, and sin. I am so disheartened. Then I learned that you had been fired and I have tried to find you….to commiserate. But take heart in the Lord hearing our cries in His heaven.

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