America, welcome to the “Chicago way” happens to be headquartered in Chicago, the windy city and the home of President Obama. In fact, the billion dollar re-election campaign offices for President Obama are just a few blocks away from our own. Living and working here, we have grown accustomed to the “Chicago way.”

We are surrounded by the stories of blatant crony capitalism, phony community organizing, and public sector kick backs. Rarely does a week go by without another news story exposing a public sector employee collecting multiple pensions totaling $300,000 a year or more. Seriously. Our last Republican governor is in jail, and our last Democrat governor is about to follow him. It’s simply maddening.

To pay for these political games, the state has run up a massive debt on a per capita basis that is worse than any other state in the union. The cost of this debt is ballooning, businesses are fleeing, and many predict the state is on the verge of a financial collapse.

Sound familiar?

So how else do you finance the millionaire politician re-elections, unsustainable public sector employee entitlements, and crony capitalism? You raise taxes of course. But whose taxes? Earlier this year the state passed the largest income tax increase in history. We were told it would finally put us back on the path to solvency. But surprise! The fiscal crisis is worsening.

Our ABC news affiliate ran the story below last night. Watching it I realized that for all the talk about the 1% needing to pay their fair share, the problems of over spending, government debt, and insider political games inevitably hurt the lower and middle classes the most. Raising taxes on the rich has been done here. Sure, they could raise them more, but doing so risks more citizens and businesses leaving the state. Illinois business icons like Caterpillar and Sears are threatening to leave, while countless smaller business have already left.

I challenge you to watch the news story below and ask yourself who is getting hurting the most by the government system in Illinois. This state of affairs, I’m afraid, is where the entire country is headed unless we change course soon. Sadly the “Chicago way” is all too quickly becoming the American way.



  • http://none Robert J. Byrne


    Recently in Chicago a week was designated ‘CHICAGO IDEAS WEEK’. The objective of the week was to find ideas that would remedy all of the dilemmas facing the city.

    All Chicago area residents were summoned to Chicago to “come see Rahm Emanuel and a community of global leaders, innovators and creative minds as they shape the ideas that are shaping the world.”

    It should be noted that most of the speakers are part of shaping our world which is now in total disarray.

    The Chicago Tribune, a troubled newspaper, and a major supporter of the event, followed up with ‘NEW PLAN FOR CHICAGO’ which details all the nonsense and hot air of the project. And logic is totally absent. It seems everyone involved will not simply face the real problem.

    To resolve any problems in Chicago you must first face the truth and end what is universally known as ‘THE CHICAGO WAY’, which is a system defined as ‘graft, greed and corruption’ and that system is coupled with nepotism and narcissism.

    The problems of Chicago are first magnified when Richard J. Daley, then the Cook County Democrat County Chairman, was elected Mayor of Chicago on April 20, 1955. He held both offices until he died on December 20. 1976. Richard J. Daley turned the 50 wards of Chicago into fiefdoms, where the designated leader in each fiefdom would receive a set of perks in exchange for his loyalty.

    Fast forward to now and examine the facts of history and the truth of today:

    1. Chicago is the murder capital of America.

    2. Chicago is a hub of organized crime in America.

    3. The ‘Chicago Way’ is the way of life in Chicago.

    4. Chicago is a bankrupt city that spawned a bankrupt county, a bankrupt
    state, and now a bankrupt nation.

    5. Chicago is a city that protects its visitors more than it protects its own
    citizens. The economy is more important than the people.

    6. “Chicago is the most China friendly city in the country” Richard M.
    Daley. Most Chicago citizens wish Chicago was more Chicago friendly.

    7. Chicago is a city where all too many children go to school afraid and
    hungry, and how many hospitals have battered children’s wards? In 1985
    there were 3.

    8. Chicago is the city where 739 people died in a heat wave over a
    weekend (July 12 to July 16, 1995). Most of the dead were elderly poor
    that lived alone.

    9. 1968 riots at the Democrat National Convention held in Chicago.

    10. Operation Greylord, Operation Silver Shovel, Operation Incubator,
    Hired Truck scandal, etc. Just some of the larger scandals.

    11. Destruction of Meigs Field. Mayor Richard M. Daley’s midnight
    construction project that destroyed the Chicago downtown airport.

    12. Parking Meter Fiasco.

    13. Police Brutality which went on for several years under the guidance
    of Jon Burge.

    14. Chicago city population decrease by 200,000 from 2000 to 2010.
    (US Census)

    15. The list of Chicago elected officials at all levels, and city department
    heads and workers that have served jail time is too numerous to

    16. Daley family scandals. The Daley family, mostly multimillionaires,
    claim family scandals never happened and Richard M. Daley, former
    Cook County States Attorney (1980 to 1989) and Mayor of Chicago
    (April 24, 1989-May 16, 2011), not only claims family scandals did
    not happen, but he claims he has no responsibility for any scandals
    that happened anywhere, anytime since the time of his birth.

    17. Chicago has a focus on social engineering

    How many more prayer vigils for a murdered child must we see on TV as
    your Chicago leaders continue the ‘Chicago Way’?

    The Chicago Tribune fails to see the overview of the problems and all the elitists in Chicago are not interested in changing ‘the Chicago way’ as it has given them the good life and they really do not care about the masses.

    The truth hurts, and unless you act to end every aspect of each and every problem spawned by the ‘Chicago Way’ you will continue going down hill.

    Face the facts. The good people of Chicago deserve better. The problems can be solved if you will face reality.

    Commentary by Robert J. Byrne Nov. 7, 2013

  • Snotly

    I think back in Jesus’s time taxes were well over 50% and he told people to render unto Cesar, which I would think may have caused a lot of grumbling, the most direct story was about the rich man who wanted to be a disciple or perhaps I should go and look up what I should do if someone asks me for my cloak or asks me to walk one mile in service or if I should ever give to someone who spitefully uses me. I would think that God expects things a little bit differently than people expect things. How generous is God? How giving is He?, to the just and the unjust alike? I’m not saying that these taxes aren’t unjust and excessive, just makes me scratch my head between the difference in your approach vs. the Gospel’s approach to injustice through use. Should I resist one who is evil in this nature? Why or Why not? by the way, I always hope that I can take things into my own hands and not follow the Gospel, that resisting evil with evil will end it. It has always worked before. I’m sure the next bunch of guys won’t be corrupted by the system.

  • Sue in soCal

    IT will stay the status quo until people vote out these crooks and, if there is no reform, vote out the next batch until they get politicians in office who are there to serve the people not themselves.

  • Joe M

    Taxing the rich still taxes the poor.

  • Tess

    Amen Brian! I live in Chicago. We have the highest sales tax in the country. We have the highest gas tax. Despite the fact that property values went down last year, property taxes went up. We pay a ridiculous amount of money to park at a meter on the street. Our state income tax rate went up last year. I could go on and on. The attitude of our state and local gov’t seems to be…raise a little tax here, and little tax there…and no one will notice. Why do you think Quinn and Emmanuel kiss butt with the left on social issues, and bow down to unions? So people will ignore the fact that they are being gauged economically. Blame Wall Street? Yeah, right. The blame should be placed at the feet of exactly where it belongs…with greedy, incompetent politicians.

    • Dan

      To be fair, it should be noted that the parking meters were privatized, and after privatization, Chicagoans are now expected to pay exorbitant rates.

      • Tess

        It was privatized to put money in Daley’s coffer for the Olympics bid.

  • Steve

    It’s so typical of the way things are run in this state. I’m convinced either the electorate is really ignorant (very possible, considering they are slaves to the Democrat Party), or the Dems cheat their way into office (also very possible!).

    I hope to be leaving this state very, very soon. Goodbye Illinois and your idiot Democrat politicians!



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