American Papist Baby Photo!

Last week I promised my twitter followers:

Today, Dimas Rodeela, a Spanish-speaking tweeter from Munich, Germany put me over the top!

.. which means I have no choice but to honor my promise. So here you go:

… as you can tell from the Vatican flag I am proudly grasping, I was a papist from early on. 😉

I have another fun photo to share once my AmP Facebook fanpage crosses the 7,000 fans threshold!

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  • Panda Rosa

    What can I say but the most basic: Awwwww….

  • LaJuan

    Awww, Thomas just won the Cutest.Baby.Ever award for today! Makes me wish my son was still a baby!

  • Ed Peters

    One of the best pictures Mom every took, and she’s taken some great ones. Love, Dad.

  • andrew

    Your papist training started early, I see…

    I guess our Lord really does have our vocations all planned out!

  • Davide

    Awe too cute!

  • Janet

    That is awesome! And adorable =-p

    • TrueCatholic

      It’s called photoshop. It’s a simple thing to alter any photo.



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