AmP statistics, visitor trends, and a special note to my readers.

This is an impromptu state-of-the-amercianpapist-union address, beginning with a graphic that shows the place of origin for the last 100 visitors to these pages:

*Almost* every continent is represented in this snapshot. I do spot visitors from South Africa occasionally, once in a great while from Russia or India. I hope to see an increase in South American visitors this week. Australian readers make up a surprising number of viewers (3rd most, behind Canada), so good for the Aussies!

Other notables this week include Israel (8th), Hong Kong (13th), China (14th) and South Africa (22nd). The coveted “” destination IP I see once in a great while, more often I think they must get their internet access from Rome, Lazio. I doubt readers near the poles would show up, but that leaves no excuse for Alaska.

Visitors from search engines comprise about 10% (oddly enough, this old post draws many visitors), links from other blogs 15% or so, the rest from bookmarks and RSS aggregators like Google Reader, Bloglines, etc.

The record for number of visitors in a month I keep to myself, but so far I’m on track to beat it this month.

Sitemeter, I realize, currently has total visits just over 400k. I’m not sure if that’s everyone, however, because my webhost (which counts RSS aggregators and the rest of the site) reads over 750k – that’s over 300GB of data!

All this from almost 1,750 separate blog posts and countless, countless hours of blogging since I started writing last January.

But the unmeasurable quotient is you, my wonderful readers, who make AmericanPapist worthwhile and a joy.

I’ve especially appreciated the many kind notes of encouragement, the numerous tips, pictures, links and gifts, the invitations to Catholic events, the votes in web awards (such as this year’s CBA), and – perhaps most of all – the many times that people have come up to me in real life having recognized me through my blog. Indeed, meeting my readers has been a delightful way to put a human face and a personal dimension to all the time I’ve spent at home or in computer labs, libraries, and on the road cobbling together my coverage.

So, in short: Thank you, my papist friends! Here’s to many more years together!



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