Announcement: AmP to join Catholic Vote Action!

It’s been a long (and wonderful) road on American Papist, and today I’m happy to announce the biggest change to these pages since AmP went online in 2005.

I am joining the amazing team at and their sister organization

You may visit my new blog HERE. You will always be able to find me at

{update – here is the press release announcing the merger!}

You’ve seen Catholic Vote’s work before – their YouTube channel has 5 million views alone – and I couldn’t have asked for a more natural online partner when it comes to organizing Catholics to make a positive difference in the world of politics and American culture (Catholic Vote Action is their new legislation action wing).

Let me quickly explain the benefits of this collaboration – as I believe there are only benefits to be had:

  1. AmP will be professionally administered and maintained. This will save me the time of doing all the technical work required to keep AmP running, and let me focus on doing what I love: blogging. I’ve been working with CV’s design team to ensure a crisp, clean new layout.
  2. AmP will have a greater ability to affect the world and not just observe it. It’s called Catholic Vote Action for a reason: it’s status as a C4 non-profit allows CVA to directly petition and undertake political action in a way I never could as an individual. Once you register as a member of Catholic Vote, most of the “action items” I append to posts will all involve Catholic Vote initiatives.
  3. AmP will have access and be exposed to a much wider audience. Catholic Vote does not only preach to the choir, they are dedicated to educating all Catholics and introducing non-Catholics to the principles and beliefs we hold dear as fervent, serious Catholics. CV is closing in on 500,000 members already – an incredible feat which is a testament to CV’s clear and orthodox vision.
  4. AmP will more easily be able to incorporate other voices. Make no mistake: American Papist will remain primarily my blogging, but having this new platform will make it easier for me to publish guest posts by individuals who deserve a wide audience. So please send me your short (500 words or less) submissions.
  5. AmP will be able to better achieve the goals of articulating the faith, defending her truths against error and deception, informing Catholics who are curious, and organizing Catholics of like-mind for the serious challenges and cultural battles we face as patriotic and involved Americans. 
And throughout these opportunities, AmP will benefit from the wide reach of a blog, the speed of Twitter, the accessibility of YouTube, and the community of Facebook …. all with only one editor – yours truly.
This setup means that important information can be widely distributed on AmP at the pace of our ever-quickening news cycle and political climate. So please continue to send me your tips and inside information, for this remains all-important to my work.

You may continue to use my email thomas [at] or use my new thomas [at]

Please be patient as we make the transition. I have great hopes for what God has in store for AmP this year!
So come give me a visit over at the newly-designed and improved American Papist blog! 
(And yes, update your bookmarks!)




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