Another Catholic Governor Says Full-Steam-Ahead on Redefining Marriage

As New York’s new marriage law goes live Sunday, Maryland’s governor follows Andrew Cuomo’s lead. As the Baltimore Sun reports:

Standing with House and Senate supporters, Gov. Martin O’Malley announced this afternoon that he will lead the charge for gay marriage in Maryland and put his name on a bill that allows same-sex couples to wed.

“Marylanders of all walks of life want their children to live in a loving, stable, committed home protected under the law,” O’Malley said. He said it would be one of “a small handful” of legislative priorities.

The governor was supportive of same-sex marriage last year, but stayed mostly in the background. Today’s announcement was rumored for weeks, with chatter increasing after a gay marriage bill was signed into law in New York.

The Maryland Catholic Conference immediately issued a statement calling the governor’s decision “regrettable.” “The moral and social impacts of redefining marriage would be pervasive and severe,” according to the statement.

Martin O’Malley is a Catholic and a graduate of my alma mater, the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. As is Maureen Dowd, who yukked it up about eternal damnation with Andrew Cuomo recently in a same-sex-marriage-victory cackles column.

As you may recall, last year, churches inundated Annapolis to stop an attempt at redefining marriage there. Pray that they will fight another day.

And pray too we all recommit ourselves to supporting actual marriages, practically, in our lives, too — not only in political fights.



  • whart

    I’ll be waiting to hear the public condemnation of Gov. O’Malley by Archbishop O’Brien. This very public scandal calls for a very public response.

  • carmen

    Actually im not upset with these cafeteria catholic,im upset with their bishops, what is wrong with them? why are they not doing something? we don,t need these judas in the church. these bishop are letting the wolves devour the sheep.

    • Quanah


      I agree. Also, I can think of many words that would have been more appropriate than “regrettable.”

  • alex

    Like the Freedom Adam and Eve wanted to eat from the tree in the garden eventhough God forbid it. You can read into ‘equal rights’ in the constitution to mean anything…burning down my neighbors house cause its an eye sore, men having sex with boys, running down people on the highway who get in my way. Thank God His Word trumps your interuptation of the constitution. It does not mean hedonism to do as you please.

    • tex

      In the cases you reference Alex, you would have violated someone’s Life (running down people on the highway), Liberty (sex with boys), and Property (burning down neighbors house). It just so happens that Life, Liberty, and Property were the three principles that the Founding Fathers, and the Constitution, sought to protect. So, if you were to read the Constitution, you would see for yourself that it makes clear that those ideals are well established and protected, regardless of your interpretation. What you will also come to realize in reading the Constitution is that there is no mention of the word marriage. Thus, it seems that, from a Constitutional perspective, marriage is up for debate, while the other ones are not so much.

    • tex

      Alex, I’d also like to point out that your reference to Adam and Eve is an interesting one, as I think it makes a good case, but possibly to the opposite. In the case of Adam and Eve, God told them not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In essence, what God did was to create a law. Not a natural law, but a simple, specific, Municipal Code of Conduct for the Citizens of the Garden of Eden. Nonetheless, Adam and Eve broke the law. But, it was not the act of eating from a tree that was sinful, as it was an act that they must have done many times a day to many different trees, it was the fact that God specifically prohibited doing so from a particular tree. In other words, eating fruit from trees is not, in itself sinful, as we now eat plenty of apples without the need for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. But what is a sin is the willingness to act is disobedience to God, and for this Adam and Eve were guilty. Needless to say, Adam and Eve didn’t understand the true essence of the law, which was to always obey God, and instead they focused on the Municipal Code and sought to change it. It is my opinion that we do the same now today. Rather than see the Law (God’s true intent for us) we focus on the law (the Municipal Code). We foolishly think that by changing the law, we can change the Law. Marriage has existed since Adam and Eve, and yet many of us act as though the state has power over it; that if people change the law of marriage, they will be changing the Law of Marriage and all will be lost. It simply is not so. We must think in eternal terms. The Catholic Church has seen the rise and fall of the Roman, British, and soon the American Empire. And it is my concern that by focusing so much attention at protecting the law of marriage, we will have inadvertently ignored the Law of Marriage. As evidence I point to the fact that Catholic marriages are on the same statistical average as the rest of the United States: 50 percent end in divorce. So while we squabble over secular marriage, we are losing the fight over our own Sacramental one. And for what? So that people who despise our faith will be forced to conform to it? I don’t think that was the kind of New Evangelization that Pope John Paul the Great was looking for. Fellow Catholics, we need to get our house in order before we can begin telling others to follow our example. Until then, I find this battle one that we fight at our own peril.

  • BCSWowbagger

    Can we *please* starting putting Catholic in scare quotes for these guys? Pleeeeeeeease?

  • petersen

    Glad to see another governor recognizes that depriving gay couples of marriage goes agains the equal protection guarantees that are contained within our constitution. Equal rights for all Americans!

    • Matt B

      Viva la revulsion!

    • davide

      @peterson: Balderdash and Prince Poppycock!! Harvey Milk and Broke Back Mountain; Bedknobs and broomsticks; bathhouses and pornography; frog and the scorpion; Saint Sebastian and sacrilege; Rainbows and chlamydia; Dante’s Divine Comedy; Sodom and Gomorrah; syphilis and skittles; Nero and the Romans; femininity and transgender paradigm, Barbarians and Barbie; Michelangelo and Vasari; Will and Grace; HIV & AIDS; Queer eye for the straight guy; powder puff and hot apple pie; Civics and mini-Coopers; fried green tomatoes; corsets and jock straps; Lord Farquaad and Doris; Stonewall and Elton; Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence; waxing and glitter; Adam and Steve; Eve and Evelyn; Homosexual equality advocacy & same sex “marriages”: Anti-Catholic bigotry, hate and persecution. CHASTITY, PEACE, JOY and GRACE? Never!!! Blardy, .blardy, blar, blar.

    • Matt B

      @petersen – it’s hard to imagine how something so viscerally repulsive came to be considered a cause celebre for so many politicians and artistes. It’s like the Food Channel coming out with a “castor oil” week. What it proves to me is that our political and cultural leadership have effectively lost their bearings – have been completely duped. And these endless arguments people have been blogging over “gay rights?” It’s like explaining to blind people the colors red yellow and green. If you don’t see it, you shouldn’t drive! The take-away truth of the matter is that you’re going to live in the world you’re creating – just like the fourteen year old who refuses to clean up his room. Good to see you’re still stacking up the “dislikes.” God bless you!

  • Davide

    It is abundantly clear to me many so-called Catholics will be joining the community of the damned. When they lose sight of Truth. When they disregard the actual reason for our EXISTANCE (Jesus Christ). When they brush off that every soul will stand before the judgment seat of God. Instead of leading souls to heaven they are pushing them into Hell, then they are damned. The Church’s entire reason for being is to save souls from eternal damnation. However too many Catholics today do NOT give any thought to this ULTIMATE reality. May God have mercy on us, especially those Catholics who already have one foot in Hell. The Irony of all this is Maryland is named after the Blessed Mother of God= “Mary’s Land”.

    • tex

      I’m not sure that a law can save those who choose to turn to the state to ‘sanctify’ their cohabitation. If changing a civil law that should have no affect on those who follow Church teaching is tantamount to damnation, then we are all already damned. People possess their own free will, and not matter how hard we try, we cannot legislate virtue. The Church has plenty to correct amongst our own flock to spend such energies trying to evangelize the unwilling. Wipe the sand off your feet and move on was advice I remember a young man say once.

      • davide

        @ Tex do you have marbles for brains? My comment was not a political statement. It was a statement of absolute Truths.

        • Petersen

          The statement of “truths” are only YOUR truths Davide. There are many religions that are happy to celebrate the marriage of gay couples and accept them lovingly in their communities. Those are their truths. Why should their religious beliefs be treated as inferior by the state? Further, using laws to force Catholic religious beliefs on others does nothing. It certainly doesn’t prevent gay couples from living together or raising children. What it does do is prevent those couples from accessing the legal rights and responsibilities to care for each other and protect each other during times of need. All this fight is doing is creating animosity against the Catholic church from the people that are church hierarchy is attacking. As more and more gay couples tell their stories of their houses being taken by the government when their partner dies, or them being denied access in hospitals, or their families being penalized thousand of dollars each year, it makes Catholics look like intolerant fools to be fighting for discrimination.

        • tex

          Sorry, I thought that the article that you were responding to involved politicians and the politics around marriage. My appologies.

          • davide

            Okay Tex thanks



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