Another pro-life Democrat goes for 30 pieces of silver


The list of Democrats who were once pro-life but abandoned women and children in order to grab political power is sadly very long.

Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, Dick Durbin, Dick Gephardt, Dennis Kucinich…

…and now Rep. Stephen Lynch.

You see, there’s a Senate race in Massachusetts now that John Kerry is over at the State Department. Lynch was once pretty solid on life, but over the years his support for the unborn weakened significantly. But he was happy to have the press label him as “anti-abortion.” Helped him win Catholics in South Boston after all.

Well not anymore. He’s running for statewide office now.

“I have never seen the ­repeal of Roe v. Wade as a part of any solution,” Lynch said in an interview. “I do not think that solves anything, and, as a matter of fact, it doesn’t reduce abortions.”


Of course, his opponent in the Democratic primary is Rep. Ed Markey and he can tell Democratic voters that he has been a stalwart supporter of abortion — well, since 1983 when he renounced his previous pro-life position.

Pray for Massachusetts.

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