Another pro-life Democrat goes for 30 pieces of silver

The list of Democrats who were once pro-life but abandoned women and children in order to grab political power is sadly very long.

Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, Dick Durbin, Dick Gephardt, Dennis Kucinich…

…and now Rep. Stephen Lynch.

You see, there’s a Senate race in Massachusetts now that John Kerry is over at the State Department. Lynch was once pretty solid on life, but over the years his support for the unborn weakened significantly. But he was happy to have the press label him as “anti-abortion.” Helped him win Catholics in South Boston after all.

Well not anymore. He’s running for statewide office now.

“I have never seen the ­repeal of Roe v. Wade as a part of any solution,” Lynch said in an interview. “I do not think that solves anything, and, as a matter of fact, it doesn’t reduce abortions.”


Of course, his opponent in the Democratic primary is Rep. Ed Markey and he can tell Democratic voters that he has been a stalwart supporter of abortion — well, since 1983 when he renounced his previous pro-life position.

Pray for Massachusetts.



  • AntiochusEpiphanes

    Markey is a solid pro-choicer. Lynch the faker needs to go down.

  • Southern Catholic

    It looks like the pro-life democrat is going extinct.

  • naturgesetz

    I had thought that I might be voting for a Democrat for Senator for the first time in my life. (I registered when I reached voting age in 1964.) But with Stephen Lynch’s abandonment of principle, even if he gets the nomination, it will not be possible to vote for him.

  • Gail Finke

    It doesn’t reduce abortions??? I keep hearing that. Who are they kidding? There were NOT almost 4000 abortions a day before Roe v. Wade! Why would repealing it NOT reduce abortions?

  • Marvin Derks

    It’s truly amazing to see the evolutionary process move one into the pro-choice philosophy.

    • Joe M

      What evolutionary process are you referring to? Power devouring principle?

    • abadilla

      It’s truly amazing to see the evolutionary process move from one who is pro-life into the pro-death philosophy that tries to excuse the inexcusable!
      I presume this politician evolved into the pro-death movement the way the president evolved into gay marriage. Principles be damned, political expediency first.

    • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

      J.M.J. A believer would call this process that involves once valuing and defending innocent life to caving to the pro-death mentality a loss of grace.

      • Marvin Derks

        There is no grace in referring to a pro-choice advocate as a pro-death advocate.

        • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

          J.M.J I referred to the process of capitulation rather than to the person.

          • Marvin Derks

            In my opinion, there was no capitulation. There was a choice to uphold what is ethical.

          • abadilla

            How can you call evil ethical?

          • AntiochusEpiphanes

            How do you call the Catholic Church ethical?

          • abadilla

            What are you doing in a Catholic forum if you don’t believe the Churh is ethical? See, I don’t believe the Huffington Post is ethical, nor do I believe The National Catholic Reporter is ethical and that’s why I don’t go into their websites. What is your excuse for coming into a Catholic forum when you don’t consider the Catholic Church ethical?
            Be gone Mr. Troll!

        • Southern Catholic

          Pro-choice is pro-death, it is the position of allowing the killing of children in the womb. Stop trying to sugar coat it..

  • Dan Flaherty

    Congressman Lynch’s flip-flop was tragic and disheartening for some of us who wanted him to challenge for this Senate seat and also to win the general election. A campaign I genuinely had looked forward to is now close to pointless.



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