Anti-choicers get violent. Pro-lifers, annually, don’t.

A union thug yelling at Steven Crowder

This gentleman is expressing his displeasure with Steven Crowder's opinions.

A group of anti-choice thugs got violent in Michigan today when the state government passed legislation that would give people the ability to choose.

The choice, of course, is whether to join a workplace union or not. Michigan passed a Right to Work statute, and it awaits Governor Snyder’s signature, which will probably come tomorrow.

The unions didn’t like the idea that some workers might actually refuse to let their wages be garnished to line the pockets and fund the political goals of the union brass—goals often as cross-purposes with the actual interests of the union members, and in the case of teachers, certainly at odds with the actual well-being of the students.

So naturally the unions went to Lansing, ostensibly to demonstrate peacefully. But a not-insignficant number of them, with their knives and boxcutters and potty-mouths, violently ripped down the tent housing activities for Americans for Prosperity—a pro-Right to Work group—RIGHT ON TOP OF THE PEOPLE INSIDE including women and senior citizens. One thug bearing the emblem of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) on his jacket, assaulted a pro-Right to Work activist, Steven Crowder, punching him four times in the face and chipping one of his teeth. Another thug threatened to kill people, boasting he had done so many times. Watch the video—WARNING: *censored* bad language, but it’s pretty clear what the thugs are saying.

Meantime, the police had to set up a cordon of riot gear-clad police officers around the building where the governor has his office. Is this America? Or Tehran?

All of this for what grave injustice? Simply because they are concerned a few workers might be able to get contracts similar to theirs (or better, even) without paying union dues.

The horror.

Compare that to the annual March for Life. (Marches, plural, nowadays, with them happening in locations other than Washington, D.C.)

Hundreds of thousands of protestors gather in various capital cities to protest the legalization of the violent killing of unborn human persons. Not a punch is thrown, not a tent pulled down, not a knife is brandished, not an angry curse word shouted in wrath. And these marches are over a matter that truly is life or death for millions of persons, and the great harm done to the mothers and fathers from the violence of the act and lost parenthood.

The anti-choice thugs in Michigan are getting frothy spittle violent over an opportunity for choice in employment arrangement. The pro-life people who gather annually simply rally, march, and pray.

Either pro-lifers aren’t passionate enough about life; or the anti-choice union thugs need a lesson in proportion and peaceful protesting.

I’m with the latter: stage your protest, sure, but keep in mind what actually matters and keep your hands to yourself. (In other words, apply those lessons your mother taught you: play nice, and quit throwing a foot-stomping tantrum.)





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